Priority Pass Has a Lounge in Charlotte Starting Tomorrow (And Doesn’t Even Know It)

Last month I wrote that a new Minute Suites was about to open in Charlotte. I suggested that since the existing Minute Suites locations accept Priority Pass, that this one would too. It would be the first Priority Pass lounge in the Charlotte airport.

Minute Suites Philadelphia

However Minute Suites opened but didn’t take Priority Pass. When asked about it, Minutes Suites said they do now!

Except Priority Pass responded that their cards aren’t accepted there.

…And Minute Suites be like,

Because they had this to drop on their partners at the Collinson Group:

Based on my experience elsewhere when you check in they take not just your Priority Pass card but also a credit card and ID. They’ll authorize your credit card but not charge it. If you stay more than an hour, each additional hour will cost you $28. And there are plenty of add-ons you can pay for while you’re there.

A Minute Suites room is just a small room. It has a desk and a couch-ish area. You don’t get free snacks or drinks like in a traditional lounge. But for peace and privacy in an airport it’s hard to beat.

I highly prefer a private room to work in than an open lounge. I wish we got more than one hour included with Priority Pass, though you can pay for more.

Priority Pass comes bundled with several premium credit cards, and often not just with unlimited visits but even unlimited guests (subject to capacity of the lounge). I have Priority Pass Select cards from several different credit cards. I actually write on the back of the card which credit card it came with because each offers different privileges.

(HT: Joe Brancatelli)

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  1. Took advantage of a Priority Pass/Minute Suites access in Philadelphia while in transit recently to make a private business call. Came in quite handy. The one hour limit on free use is constraining, but I could see it also as a quiet spot to burn through some emails or take a quick nap.

  2. While it’s at least something I’d hardly call this product a lounge.

    YMMV of course.

  3. If you have 2 different Priority Pass cards from different accounts, can you use each back to back to get 2 hours?

  4. Many of us have more than one priority pass. Can one use different passes for consecutive hours? How about combining a spouse’s pass for 2 hours?

  5. This is a baby step for CLT, I’ve been complaining for a while now about a lack of lounges there, sole exception was AA has one but didn’t accept Priority Pass. CLT is building a large expansion of Concourse A, wondering if DL will move there and if they do will they put a Sky Club there?

  6. Not good
    Forces you to leave a credit card!
    I don’t trust this
    Does Amex has an agreement w minute suite or not?

    No food or drinks

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