Raccoon At Philadelphia Airport Steals Candy While Passengers Wait At Retail Shop’s Self-Checkout

Employees at Philadelphia’s airport refer to the place as Filthadelphia. Birds are known to roam freely there.

It’s still surprising to just see a raccoon pop up at an OTG retail shop and help themselves to a snack while passengers are buying food at the self-checkout. Yet that’s just what happened last week, according to Vanessa Duffy’s report on Facebook.

We’ve seen a baby kangaroo hopping down the aisle of a flight in Charlotte, a monkey at the bar of an airport lounge, and a kangaroo inside an airport pharmacy. A Brown Bear once made it through airport security. And a seal and leopard have been loose on runways. But it was the intentionality this raccoon had – it’s desire for candy – that really sets it apart from other airport creatures.

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  1. Surprised you didn’t go on a right-wing rant about how liberal Philly tolerates theft and doesn’t prosecute theives like this. Wasted opportunity to regurgitate some right-wing talking points, Gary.

  2. I think it was a typically polite, Canadian trash panda, celebrating Halloween a few days early and only took one!

  3. And BTW, cute raccoons are one thing, but the accumulation of garbage on these pages is getting out of hand. How many videos, garish-color boxes, banners, flipping slides does it take to run a blog? It would be good to cut them in size by 50% and put them all in one place so those of us who are interested in what VFTW has to say can actually find the articles.

  4. @Uncle Jeff – and yet you continue to return and help pay the bills. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not good for anything!

  5. @Uncle Jeff

    And he would be right.
    It’s funny how that’s the first thing that comes into your tiny brain. You really prove the fact that Democrats are the party of grievances and grifters.

  6. I don’t understand the hate for PHL. Very manageable, good lounges, never waited more than 5 minutes at security. Good food options. I love PHL

  7. Nothing cute about this video, raccoons are never “cute”, all should be considered a major health risk. Aside from their aggressiveness and possible locally infected traumatic injuries, raccoons are the number 1 or 2 carrier of rabies, invariably a horrifically fatal disease.

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