Remember The Woman Taken Off A United Express Flight In Just A T-Shirt? There’s Finally Video.

Do you remember the United Express flight from Jacksonville, Florida to Houston that had to divert to Mobile Alabama a couple of weeks ago to remove a woman wearing only a t-shirt and her underwear? Video of the incident on board has finally surfacted.

A 25 year old passenger on the CommutAir plane ‘became disruptive’ and stripped down to her underwear. Sierra Nicole McClinton “got into an altercation with another passenger…before ultimately being detained by a flight attendant and another passenger.” When she was escorted off the plane by law enforcement in Mobile she was “wearing only a t-shirt and underwear..and was yelling obscenities.” She was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

The woman headed to jail instead of home to Houston, while the rest of the flight continued on.

Here’s what went on inside the passenger cabin. Bear in mind that the woman’s language is very ‘not safe for work’ so before you listen consider whether you actual want the volume on.

The story made the rounds initially when the incident first occurred. The woman doesn’t necessarily deserve her second 15 minutes, but for some reason it took an inordinately long time for video to surface. Since so many readers asked ‘where’s the video’ Ms. McClinton gets a second round of attention. In all likelihood it will be her last.

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  1. @John, trust me, if you have been in any Vietjet flight with the bikini female attendants, you will become a frequent flyer with them, e.g. fly with them over and over and over again. Remember one thing- they, the Asian female attendants are in the flight to serve and pamper you.

  2. Drunk (which of course is not and should not be an excuse) and/or positive Tattoo sign.

    Did you hear the one about the guy who wanted a second opinion? Guy goes to the doctor, doctor says “you have acute #@&%@%itis and it’s quite serious”, guys say he wants a second opinion, doctor says “okay, you’re also ugly”.

    Second opinion for this lady person: rectal sphincter.

  3. In COVID times, they should enact a law that deliberately spitting is a felony. It’s funny such uncivilized behavior still exists in a first world country in 2020.

  4. Wow, that chick reminds me of @Lars ExWife… Tasers would be an easier way to control these people.

  5. @Rampage-lol dude, California has made it a non-crime now to knowingly have sex with someone when you’re HIV-positive. Good luck with Covid shit being a felony 😀

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