Report: Elon Musk Building His Own Airport In Austin

Austonia reports that Elon Musk plans to build his own airport in the Austin area.

Elon Musk is developing plans for a new private airport, multiple sources tell Austonia. While the timetable and exact location are unknown, the conceptual plans have been confirmed by sources who say the airport would be east of Austin, near Bastrop.

Bastrop would be about a half an hour’s drive from the 2500 acre Texas headquarters. It’s an hour’s drive from the address Musk used on court documents related to the birth of his most recent child.

In contrast, The Boring Company’s headquarters is a mere three miles from Austin Executive Airport – although last year top executives at the Boring Company acquired 73 acres for a warehouse and manufacturing facility in… Northwest Bastrop where the new airport is believed to be planned.

Currently Elon Musk uses a 2015 Gulfstream G650. It was on the ground in Austin from Sunday until Thursday. Musk has a Gulfstream G700 on order for 2023 delivery.

At this point there do not appear to be any public filings with the FAA for the new airport.

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  1. Given the huge tax bills he is looking at, perhaps he has found creative ways to reduce his tax liabilities while boosting the amount of money he can play with on pet projects while easing up his tax burden.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s interested in running for governor somewhere or pretending to be.

  2. EAST of Austin.. isn’t Austin…

    Bastrop to the giga factory is about 24 miles… WITH ZERO TRAFFIC, that’s a 29 minute commute.

    there is no such thing as ZERO traffic in and around Austin…

  3. The Austin Airport… (AUS) is 9 miles away from the giga factory.. which is at best/worst a 10/20 minute commute…

    SO PLEASE tell me what this is about? saving the environment? Saving Money? or what?

    Because building a private air strip further away from the factor does what?

  4. He should have a contest to name the airport. Something whimsical that’s decided by public vote like the Boaty McBoatface contest.

  5. Literally a “money incinerator” with all the wildfires that seem to flair up all around the Bastrop area. Musk obviously doesn’t know this area very well.

  6. “Money incinerator”?

    243 billion net worth.

    Clearly you don’t get what it means to be a billionaire. It is so much money that the idea of the value of money disappears.

    You do what you want with impunity because you can.

    That is why the ultra-rich spend so little in taxes. They can spend millions to lobby to save 10’s or 100’s of millions, shifting the burden down.

    Because they can. And you can’t.

  7. Elon Musk is very, very, VERY wealthy. Billionaire is an understatement. Musk is a billionaire 243 times over according to @Zebraitis above. Let’s put that in perspective.

    $243,000,000,000 is the net worth of Elon Musk.

    What would it take to make one of us View From The Wing readers very, very happy in life?
    Let’s add it all up.

    — A decadent home on The Strand in Manhattan Beach, a 15 minute drive to LAX any time of day (back roads, no traffic):

    — A penthouse condo in Manhattan:

    — Specially arranged, personalized, lifetime family pass for unlimited Flagship First Class, AA LAX-JFK:

    — Ample funds to raise two children with organic foods, top nannies and tutors/coaches, private schools, concierge doctors, life-changing summer experiences, one-on-one engagements with celebrity athletes, Hollywood stars, Nobel prizewinners; and angel investments for their entrepreneurial ideas:

    — A small coupe (Porsche), a full size sedan (BMW M5 CS), and an SUV (Lamborghini Urus):

    — An unrestricted checking account:

    That comes to $243,000,000.

    How many friends do you have? Scientists say the maximum is around 150.

    Elon Musk could fund the above life for you and all of your 150 friends — and he would still be worth over $200 billion dollars!

  8. More reason to tax billionaires at 75%. In this case, a tax on simply being obnoxious.

  9. JK, I’m not buying a Tesla on principal….that Musk is too rich and gets away with whatever he wants.. Until the Twitter case gets to court.

    If he loses perhaps 200 billion, I’ll feel a lot better about my decision and I can still troll him for being rich.

    @Zebraitis: Do you just “know” truth through osmosis? Tell us how to absorb truth then spout whatever batshit crazy things you say.

  10. I drive a Tesla because paying 3.5 cents a mile to operate it totally beats 26.5 cents a mile for gas. Plus, I plug in at home and start every morning with a full tank.

  11. @ Carletonm. Congratulations on getting fossil fuel for $.035 per mile in your Tesla. Nuclear is clearly the best option for clean energy at a sustainable price.
    About 61% of this electricity generation was from fossil fuels—coal, natural gas, petroleum, and other gases. About 19% was from NUCLEAR ENERGY, and about 20% was from renewable energy sources.
    Wind 9.2%
    Hydropower 6.3%
    Solar (total) 2.8%

    I LOVE U-235

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