[Roundup] Hotel Shootout Over Lack Of Social Distancing

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  1. Guns are good. Every rude American would be more polite if every American owned a gun. Gun safety and training should be a mandatory course in primary education.

  2. @Jason So is your point that the guy with the gun who decided to fire in the lobby because he was unhappy was a responsible gun owner, or is he one of the rude Americans who should have had had a gun safety course in grade school?

  3. @Jonathan I didn’t say anything about that guy. We need to revamp English teaching in public schools so folks don’t read into what isn’t there.

  4. @Jonathan
    Pls disregard Jason
    He is not mentally stable (all this years living with mama) and he is also a trump supporter so ignore, he just looks for controversy

  5. We have had people try to bring their own seat covers, but the regulator has specifically forbidden this as :
    1) The seat covers were not certified for airplane use (specifically with regards to fire retardancy)
    2) If they were to be certified, it would need to be fitted and removed by a licensed mechanic who had undergone training on the product.

    Anyone who attempted to fit this without authorisation in the meanwhile could be charged with “unauthorised tampering with airplane equipment” which carries very serious penalties.

    Just goes to show that a good idea is not always a practical idea, especially in aviation.

  6. I understand what Sean is trying to say but it makes very little sense.

    Sure fire safety is important but do the airlines validate every piece of clothing (shirts, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, blankets, pillows, etc.) that a passenger brings on board? A seat cover isn’t really any worse than any of those items, especially a larger item like a blanket.

    The only thing that should matter is whether it interferes with the seat belt functioning or if it is something highly flammable.

    I have zero plans of bringing a seat cover on board but if someone is going to use Sean’s argument above I would just look at him like he was clueless since it doesn’t address the reality of what people do bring aboard.

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