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  1. Jet Blue attendant in a dress freaks you out? Focus on whether he gave you hot nuts.

  2. The vast majority of Americans and for that matter 90% of the rest of the world privately think trans/woke/rainbow/blm flag people are weird. Most people could honestly care less about the actual people these movements are supposed to support. It just happens to be the “fad” of our time. It is a small minority of people and organizations in the public eye/ upper class of society creating the narrative and calling people hateful or bigoted if they don’t conform. Problem is people (middle class americans mostly) and especially corporations are so worried about being called racist or bigoted they would rather just go along with it and pretend they belong to some influential class and put Rainbow flags in their yard of their 500k house in suburban Kansas City or BLM on their facebook profile for their 62 kinda friends to see. It really is a ridiculous spectacle, but most Americans in general have lost their sense of meaning or spirit of life and are trying so hard to cling to some semblance of “importance”, hence their fake adoption of “woke” interests. Negative and depressing, I know. But you know I’m not wrong.

  3. @Vijay – From where you are getting statistics. The world still has people who think of others and try to support the minority. If someone is supporting the group which they do not belong it doesn’t mean they are woke or ridiculous spectacle. It means humanity.

  4. It is good to know that Delta Airlines was proactive when they banned passengers from flying with their emotional support monkey.

  5. Vijay, bet you also believe the Jan 06 seditionists were patriots.

    Your narrow vision is not shared by the world despite what you “believe”. Climb back into your cave, where you can be secure in your small little head, without having to share your insecurities about the bigger more inclusive world.

  6. @paul
    Why don’t you get out of your circle jerk and travel the world…you’ll see most people are still reasonable and believe in reality. Or are those other countries like India and Russia and Iran and Ethiopia too “shithole” for you?

  7. We need a 21st century return of the “new” Village People. I truly find the weirdness of these times to be very, very amusing – nothing serious about any of this – people screaming for attention and recognition. This is his 15 minutes of fame. Ho-hum…..

  8. LOL, Can’t wait til @Vijay finds out that some female flight attendants WEAR PANTS.

    Also, NEWS FLASH: LGBT is not a *fad*, Stonewall was more than 50 years ago! Bell-bottoms, big-hair, and disco have all come and gone since then, but LGBT people are still around.

  9. @vijay
    You are 1000 pct correct
    Its all about virtue signaling
    It’s even worse in canada with the spineless canadias
    I am currently in europe (iceland, denmark, sweden)
    You don’t see freaks in the streets with green and purple hair, you don’t see rainbow flags everywhere and you don’t see the amount of disgusting old men dressed as women like I see in vancouver and yet all these countries are far more tolerant but they don’t need to signal it all the time

  10. @Vijay
    Hey man, I’ve seen the world. Been there done that. You’re the one that’s weird. Very few believe in your world. But I can tell you one that does. Try contacting Donald J. Chump. I’m sure he will give you a thumbs up!

  11. @rog
    wrong, I am a lifelong democrat, despise donald trump and yet I agree with vijay 100 pct
    you need to get out more

  12. Someone is desperate for attention.

    Tell them that silver cuff is just wrong, wrong, wrong and it ruins the whole outfit. That’ll teach ’em.

  13. @Vijay & Paul – I fear that Vijay is “partly” right. I live in a small town in North Alabama and while we have a small group of somewhat enlightened people, we also have a very large majority of closed minded, right leaning, church going, hateful people who watch Fox News, Newsmaxx & OANN and call themselves “Christians” while saying some of the most hateful, vile, racist, stupid, homophobic/anti-gay, anti-American crap you ever want to hear! The level of ignorance knows no bounds. These people have been programmed to believe that “God” wants them to be hateful and that Americans should all be white Christians, except you know, the ones who serve them and work for them, and those people aren’t really people…just an inconvenience they have to deal with occasionally (I say occasionally because it is 97% white here) to keep the grass cut and the services on. Having driven a few million miles around the US when I was younger, I can say there are endless towns like this, places where there are more churches than libraries and where the hate is taught in schools and from pulpits. They can’t imagine people being beaten by police unless they actually DID SOMETHING WRONG~ surely it was their own fault? They think laws against racism and which promote inclusive hiring and such are just Anti-American and are actually just “Reverse Discrimination” because you can’t hire them if you’re being forced to hire those colored folks!

    Fox & others reinforce this belief, Russia sends out memes across Facebook (their preferred method of communicating hate to one another) letting them know it is okay to hate, reminding them that it is their right not to allow the govt to force them into getting vaccines that Bill Gates has inserted tracking chips into, telling them that gay & trans people are trying to convert all their children & that unless they stop it, straight men are going to dress as women to enter their public restrooms to rape their women & children! They still believe that women “do something” to cause a man to rape them. They believe they have the right not to get a vaccine because you know, it is their body and their choice…but a woman shouldn’t have that same decision regarding unwanted pregnancy.

    These people are “normal” by many societal standards, many are college graduates. Most are just lower & middle income working class people who are easily influenced by this sort of rhetoric. I read comments on their local news Facebook pages that make my skin crawl… because I know that I see them out and about every day, the clerk at the store, the pizza delivery guy, the manager at the electric company or the bank, the owner of the tire store. They are polite, smile, tell me to have a nice day… but if for one minute they believed I voted for Biden, they’d key my car or put sugar in the tank! And I’m not actually kidding when I say this. I had a woman tell me several years ago that if she saw my car with a Hillary bumper sticker on it that she would crash her grocery cart into it in the parking lot then take her keys and ruin the paint job! You can’t make this crap up. In one Dem FB group members talked of repeatedly having political signs ripped from yards and their property being vandalized for having up those signs!
    The FBI arrested one local guy here for Jan 6 riot participation…within 24 hours they created a Gofundme type page on a religious fund raising site and collected over $240k in less than 3 days to support his family and pay his legal bills! So Paul, yes, there are a ton of people out there who support BLM and law enforcement reform, people who believe that gay people deserve equal rights as well, there are sadly tens of millions who really don’t and would stand by and watch them shot or beat to death and not bat an eye. Watch Fox for 24 hours and see the hate being spewed by these people, watch them tell them it is okay to be horrible. Then realize that 50% of Americans WATCH THEM EVERY SINGLE DAY because they are the biggest news groups. I don’t have the answer and wish every day that I could move to somewhere more enlightened but am not really sure where that would be.

  14. @ Vijay — Being gay or black is not a fad, but it is people’s actual genetics. They are born and die gay or black. Society accepting gay and black people may unfortunately be a fad, but it doesn’t change the fact that people are born the way they are. You clearly do not understand.

  15. @Penny,

    Looks like you are the one boiling with hate and loathing towards your fellow Americans that might have a different opinion than your’s! You obviously have more hate in your heart than those you attempt to describe, you can feel it across the internet. Time to look in the mirror and work on yourself!

  16. Liberal and honestly most Americans can’t fathom the idea that many of their “beliefs” and “customs” are counter to much of the world. Disagree with them and you must be a bigot or hateful or gasp! Uneducated. They try to tell everyone how to live and what to do in the name of “inclusivity” and diversity, and if the rest of the world would just comply there would never be any problems! and if you don’t want to conform, you just need more coercing.
    Newsflash, most people just want to be left the hell alone and could care less about inclusivity or “progressiveness”. If you don’t think that or believe that, you probably don’t care.

  17. I like these travel-related articles and look forward to receiving the email, but I’m starting to just read your blog to catch your latest snowflake outrage. A guy in a dress is “out of control”? Really? It isn’t even a thing.

  18. @kelly
    yes, it is a thing, an appalling thing, and again, I am a very liberal democrat
    its a joke and an abomination

  19. DarnelT- I certainly think people can have OPINIONS. But your opinion shouldn’t give you the right to beat, abuse, rape or kill people of another religion, gender, race or political affiliation! If you are a “Christian” you shouldn’t have the right to beat up or rape gay people or black people or anyone else, period! I try not to hate at all, but yes I do HATE to turn on the news and see people killed every day. I loathe those who are so hate filled that they are driven to commit violence against people who have done nothing wrong other than be born a different skin color, sexual orientation, etc.
    .I am sickened by people who constantly talk about “praise Jesus” and still run around calling others horrible names, beat up gay/trans folks, allow their local law enforcement to mistreat black/Hispanic, etc. people. Jesus never said do those things! As an American, it goes against every value we are supposed to hold dear. How is it considered just an “opinion” when they take physical ACTION to harm others in every way imaginable? Yes, much of the world is a hateful place toward gay people, many countries allow “corrective rape” against gay women and murder of gays to this day! Does that make it right? Is that just an “opinion” of theirs?

    Words do have consequences, when those words convey not only an acceptance of behavior and actions but openly ENCOURAGE others to practice violent behavior, encourage discrimination in every place from the schools to the workplaces, it becomes a national problem.Our police should not be allowed to beat and shoot unarmed people of any race! You don’t want to LIKE blacks or gays or Buddhists, fine you can have your OPINION, however sad it is, but when that OPINION incites behavior and actions then it should be stopped!

  20. Peggy,

    It’s an opinion that some hold (reference the article) that this might be considered unprofessional and even taking advantage and abusing genuine people who are actually dealing with trans issues. Holding that view does not automatically make them transphobic yet you seem to be hair-triggered to see them that way. Can you respect people with that differing opinion without accusing them of hate, without accusing them of fomenting violence?

  21. I made a small tax deductible donation for a chance at two seats on Virgin Galactic! I’d need to get some expert advice about the risks before agreeing to go if by some miracle I win the drawing.

  22. Leff thinks flight attendants wearing dresses is weird?


    I’ll continue blocking all ads, trackers, and links on this blog.

  23. A guy in a dress is a ‘abomination’? Do you say the same for a woman wearing pants? Or a guy in a kilt? Get the f* over yourself, surely there are more important things to worry about than what someone else is wearing. This blog really is becoming unreadable, with so many comments by a*holes who can’t tolerate diversity in America- so how do we think they behave when they travel internationally?

  24. The only solution to this is complete physical separation whether racially, ethnically, religiously, ideologically, sexual orientation wise, and trans vs cis gender wise.

    We’d be happier among our own and not forced to be around those who make our lives worse. If white Christian conservatives want their own living space and self governance/self rule/independence/freedom, gay transgendered feminist leftist Afro latinx shouldn’t have a problem with that. They complain about whites, Christians, and conservatives (libertarians/nationalists). They shouldn’t have a problem with us being independent and them being independent.

  25. Vijay sounds like one of those right wing Indian clowns who believe in the purity of their upper caste bloodline.

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