American Has Now Re-Opened 88% Of Domestic Admirals Clubs

Last month American Airlines laid out its timetable for re-opening domestic Admirals Clubs, international business class Flagship lounges, and most Flagship First Dining facilities.

All Admirals Clubs except Honolulu were said to re-open ‘by August’ while Flagship lounges and First Dining would begin with Miami in September, with the rest re-opening ‘throughout fall’ though there was no timeline to re-open the LAX Flagship Dining with the reduction in Asia flying and de-emphasis of Los Angeles as American’s gateway to Asia.

American now tells me they’ve already re-opened 35 of 40 Admirals Clubs. The five that are still closed:

  • Honolulu (shared with Japan Airlines)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Terminal E
  • Chicago O’Hare Terminal G
  • St. Louis
  • Phoenix N1 Concourse

The good news with this is that Honolulu previously didn’t have a timeline for re-opening but an American Airlines spokesperson says that all five of these lounges will re-open in August. The bad news is that the other four lounges had been projected to open by August previously rather than in August.

Still it’s great to see the return of lounges, and I’m excited for Flagship lounges to re-open as well, and also look forward to seeing how much food and beverage return when they do.

The most United has said about re-opening their Polaris business class lounges is that planes are under development. Delta has no such lounges.

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  1. Let’s hope they have brought back food, also. The pitiful selection offered at JFK in June was laughable. Raw peas and corn in a cup were one and I think there were two other options, plus cookies and that was about it. They were supposed to be making fresh guacamole – according to the 5-foot sign in front of the bar but they were not. Maybe they did earlier in the day but not that evening.

  2. With planes being completely full again, there is no excuse for any of the admirals clubs not being open.

  3. I don’t care about the Admiral’s Clubs – they can be as much as a zoo as the terminals. What about reopening the Flagship Lounges and more importantly Flagship Dining – the latter, the only reprieve from the airport madness. Will now restart our monthly treks between LAX-JFK and the high fares they’re now charging are bad enough – particularly since no systemwides from business to 1st are being made available, but the Flagship dining was the one perk to which we looked forward…

  4. “The most United has said about re-opening their Polaris business class lounges is that planes are under development.”

    I often wonder how Gary made it through school. Certainly was no English major. Typos in articles and often typos in the title.

  5. Of course lost in all of this is the permanent “closure” of the SAN club, which, while shared with AirSpace, used to be staffed by some of the best AAngels in the system. AirSpace remains, but AA does not—removing the main benefit of a club, IMHO.

  6. Yet they still charge full fare for Flagship First. Pathetic
    Also, the Eagles Nest is still closed.

  7. The LAX Eagle’s Nest and ORD Concourse L are both still closed as well. Both desperately need to reopen. It’s insane that any lounges at all are still shut.

  8. @James S- incorrect about ORD terminal L. Was there 2.5 weeks ago and it was their first day back open

  9. @David, interesting… I flew through ORD on July 5 and the “this club is closed” signage was still installed outside

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