[Roundup] Progress Opening Europe To Vaccinated Americans But No Cars To Rent When You Travel

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  1. IMO the Cirrus seats are still the champ – other configs give you 1/4 of the seats as superior (true window), with the rest inferior

  2. By the way… Seems like our “dear” new administration is about to politicize the State Department travel advisory area by designating 80% of foreign countries as Level-4 (dangerous destinations) for apparent virtue signaling purposes.



    For perspective, Level-4 used to be a category designated for extremely dangerous and hostile places; think North Korea or South Sudan. It was always helpful and objective in my opinion. No more, it would appear.

  3. And AA had them, but then spent probably double pulling in/pulling out/fixing/refixing their substitutes. It’s why AAs 77W J seat is the best AA has.

  4. Anyone have tips for cheaper rental car options these days? Going to PDX in a month and looking for a 1 week rental. Car is more expensive than I paid for flights for all 4 of my family members…

  5. Europe is opening to vaccinated tourists, but what are we to make of the Auckland, New Zealand case where a COVID-19: Fully Vaccinated Aircraft Cleaner (was) Infected After Coming into Contact With (the COVID-19) Virus on (a) Plane? Breakthrough infections happen with all vaccines,” as New Zealand’s Ministry of Health warns us. Out of 100 fully vaccinated tourists on a plane, it seems 5 (or 5%) are still primed to take one for the virus. If your travel insurance doesn’t address that risk, your trip European Vacation could devolve into a nightmare.

  6. Looked at renting a car two weeks from now to drive round trip from SF to Santa Barbara, over four days. $600-800, unless I wanted a delivery van (only $500). Total waste checking several companies, all high. Just using my own car, instead. Insane.

  7. Car Renters Beware –if you are lucky enough to get a car, be sure to check the tabs/registration/license plates, as the AVIS rental agency @ BNA tried to rent us 2, yes, 2 different cars with expired tabs, one expired the day we were renting it{had temp tags} (on a 7 day rental), and the other had plates from the state of Washington that expired on 1/1/21, and we were renting on 4/1/21!!

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