American Airlines Is Bringing Back Food And Beverage Service To Coach

Delta brought back inflight drinks and snacks last week. American Airlines has announced its inflight food and beverage plan.

Starting May 1 American will restore beverage service in first class, but this is no change for the cabin really. Full beverage service has been available on request (they give you what you ask for) and will instead be offered.

Effective June 1 the airline will re-introduce a beverage and snack service to coach.

What American has been doing in economy is providing a bag with small bottle of water, cookie, and sanitizer wipe. That’s sometimes offered on boarding, but often passed out during the flight.

Instead beginning June 1 you’ll be able to have water, juice, or canned soft drinks plus pretzels or Biscoff cookies. And starting this summer they will bring back sale of alcohol and buy on board food in coach.

Last summer the airline said to expect a scaled down ‘more modern’ meal service in first class moving forward. There’s no announcement about bringing food back into first class outside of premium transcon routes, so the protein box stays for now.

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  1. I have a flight MIA-LAX on a 777 in premium economy mid June. Any chance you think I can get a drink on that flight? Considering upgrading to business (wide open) but frankly don’t feel like spending 15,000 miles and $75 (or 5/6 “stickers”) when I basically have a domestic first class seat and it is a 6 hour daytime flight

  2. But if you say something unkind about the bountiful repast we provide, that’ll be a hate crime!

  3. But all the food will be in BLM wrappers???? Oh, and you can’t buy any if you are Caucasian because that’s White Privilege? At least according to CEO Parker.

  4. I am going to turn in my White Privilege card that I have had for 72+ years,
    and swap it for a Black Lives Matter card. The White Priviliege card has never
    done me a bit of good. All I have ever used it for is to pay for welfare, EBT, free
    phones, and other non-essential needs for those who won’t work like the rest
    of us. With a BLM card, it seems everything is now free. I want a piece of that

  5. I had Biscoff cookies for the first time last week. They’re really nothing special.

  6. If you dare asking for one more Biscoff, FA will inform HQ to shut down your AAdvantage.

  7. @Creditian – assume your snarky comment was directed at me. FYI I am fully vaccinated and follow reasonable restrictions (mask indoors, distance, hand washing etc). I’ve traveled since last May well before I was vaccinated w no problem.

    I’m not a denier but also have a very strong immune system and no co-morbidities (even though I am 63) so never felt I was at great risk even if I caught it.

    However I REALLY appreciate your hope I get it. BTW have fun in your basement while I live my life. If I could travel, go to Vegas and enjoy golf trips I would rather be dead but hope you enjoy hunkering down and not living

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