[Roundup] Starting To See Airline Covid Service Changes Become Permanent

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  1. I think the first post should be renamed “…Airline COVID (lack of) Service Charges…” since the level of service has dropped like a stone.

    Actually I think Gary meant “…Service ChaNGes…” but never let an honest mistake get in the way of a good joke.

    Yes, I know certain services were curtailed out of an abundance of caution; however, if you can serve me a bottle of water and a prepackaged snack box you can just as easily give me a can of beer or a mini bottle of wine. I’m speaking specifically of long haul first class travel (June 1, 13h ATL-SEA-HNL in 2C with nothing more than water and salami was just a sad showing) and I’m thankful to see Delta using some reason here – other carriers need to follow suit.

  2. Ben “say it’s not so” ? Damn want to borrow my AS number ? Look none of these “adjustments” should surprise anyone. When it comes to AA Parker is going to shove it down the FF throats on this one. Long haul I can’t see as anything resembling pleasant for the foreseeable future even on the ME3. Domestically we’re toast and even that would be enjoyable.

  3. On a trip last week I had better service in Ethiopian economy than I did in UA Polaris. I being serious.

  4. If you want to see the worst of the worst – take a flight on Air Canada.

    COVID still being used as an excuse for zero service, in J or Y.

    And thats on an airline that was garbage to begin with!

  5. So I will have to stop my movie in order to decide upon my choice on follow-up beverage?
    The nerve! lol

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