[Roundup] The Burger King Crown Is What Makes This Racist Passenger’s Tirade Unique

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  1. @ Gary — Anyone who spends $2,000 on a bottle of wine is making a poor choice. Order the $18 bottle and give rest to charity.

  2. I’ve heard nothing good or pleasant about Jamaican jails. For the racist’s sake, I hope that’s true.

  3. I never tipped the housekeepers before as I always refused housekeeping anyway even for week long stays
    This is an american virtue signaling BS thing to do
    It is not my responsibility to provide a living wage to the hotel staff

  4. If you look at the Instagram comments for that wine posting, the consensus is this particular anecdote is not recent as the prices for both wines are significantly higher now.

  5. Apply the same experiment to Champagne and the result would be identical. Clueless snobs will pay for a label ( whether in cash or as a perk of flying), but wouldn’t know the difference between Chateau Pisse de Chat and the real deal (…because the difference between a $20 bottle and a $500 one is minimal). The same applies to all manner of things: food, clothes, luggage, etc.
    The vulgar nouveau riche are impressed by labels.

  6. Of course you should still tip housekeeping (unless you are just cheap). They are some of the hardest working, lowest paid hotel employees. While they aren’t cleaning the room daily they have to do a deeper clean between guests.

    Previously I left $3-$5 a day for housekeeping. Now I don’t necessarily multiple that for multi-night stays but do add more if I’m there (maybe $10 for a 4 night stay).

    Sure you DON’T HAVE TO TIP and many are just opposed to it (or use that to justify their cheapness). As for me I feel better doing something for housekeeping. I will never miss $3-$5 a day (I waste more than that on $8-$10 beers at night) and it isn’t life changing for them but nice to show they are appreciated and maybe if a few rooms leave a tip they have enough for lunch.

    Think about it people!

  7. @AC
    Did you ever stop to think why is it only in the US that maids expect tips?
    Did you ever realize that as long as americans tip then the hotel owners will have no notivation to provide them with a living wage?

  8. @AC not cheap, just real. Everyone does not have to be tipped, employees are paid by the employer for the work that they perform. If they are underpaid that is on the employer NOT the customer. Wait staff complain that they are underpaid, but employees who are underpaid leave that job and go to jobs where they are paid fairly.

    We are not cheap. You are the cheap one. You do not tip the store clerk for selling you the gallon of milk as the clerk gets min wage. You do not tip the Burger King clerk and they get min wage.

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