Ryanair Will Make Passengers Ask Permission To Use The Toilet

European low cost carrier Ryanair is planning to bring 40% of its flying starting in July.

They’ve released a new video laying out guidelines for travel, most of which will be familiar to people paying attention – such as wear masks, use mobile boarding passes, and otherwise practice social distancing. The airline’s CEO, though, says that blocking middle seats is idiotic.

One of Ryanair’s new guidelines is no queuing for the lavatory. In the front of the plane post-9/11 security measures have usually included this guidance, though people frequently do line up in the back.

What’s new at Ryanair is that passengers will have to ask permission to use the toilet before getting up. Apparently it’s perfectly safe to sit beside someone in your seat, and dangerous to do so near the loo.

Airline boss Michael O’Leary says a lot of outrageous things, probably just to get attention, but clearly believes in low costs and that people will expose themselves to anything for low fares. Two and a half years ago Ryanair stopped refilling soap in its lavatories to save money. That won’t fly today. O’Leary could reduce demand for lavatories by returning to his idea of charging for them, rather than requiring people to ask permission.

I’ve suggested advertising in the lavatories instead of pay-per-entry, in fact credit card ads on the walls could fund bigger lavs.

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  1. These protocols have been adopted elsewhere in the world already (Thailand, Ghana, etc..) and form part of IATA/ICAO’s comprehensive overall recommendations for post-COVID safe operations.

    The point is not to restrict bathroom usage, but to ensure that there is minimal crowding in the aisles near the bathrooms and galley areas. No different than the protocols used for “security” on US carriers where passengers were not permitted to line up to use the forward lavatory.

  2. Ryanair will start selling diapers. Pre order 7 euros, onboard 12 euros. Plus 2.5 Euro Green policy surcharge.

  3. What about just staying at home and you do not have ALL this stupidity! Wait till the virus is contained!
    Arlines and all these cleaning, who are they lying to?? After a while the plane will be as filthy as before because it costs them a lot of money to keep everything clean!
    Social distancing in a plane or airports, who are the fools believing in this!!!

  4. @Max- Wait until the Wuhan virus contained? No thanks, Greta.

    We need flights and cleaning operations to prepare for the next Pandemic virus the CCP unleashes.

  5. “Do you have to raise your hand to ask permission?”

    One finger for #1, two fingers for #2.

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