Screaming Deal: 80% Off International First Class, Dubai-Austin (Less Than $1200)

As I shared last month, I’ve moved to Austin.

I was searching one-way fares from Dubai to Austin as part of playing around with a trip I’m considering and deciding also whether or not to burn Alaska Airlines miles now that you can use Alaska miles again for Emirates first class.

And I came across something interesting. One way, Dubai – Austin, brings up some pretty cheap first class (note: this is a search for first and not business class) fares.

Sure, on some days the cheapest fare is about $7300 one-way. But much of the time I’m seeing fares as low as $1300 – $1500… and $1198 on Saturdays.

Here’s a sense of what this normally costs.

This $1200 fares are clearly about 10% – 20% of the usual price for this ticket.

The $1198 version of the itinerary is somewhat less than desirable. It gets you British Airways business class (Iberia codeshare) for Dubai – London and then British Airways first class across the Pond.

You can fly that in British Airways first class for a bit more. Or consider flying Qantas flight QF1 onboard an A380:

The Qantas flight will get you Emirates first class lounge access in Dubai. And the British Airways segment gets you the Concorde Room in London.

In either case, much of the fare consists of fuel surcharges.

Some people, therefore, might even pay less.

I’m not sure if Dubai-Austin will be useful to anyone. It does appear to be a British Airways-filed refundable fare. That’s why it works with British Airways flights across the Atlantic. There aren’t any seasonality or day/time restrictions on fare basis F1MEOW.

Later on in the year I’m seeing it price at $1333 and under with Royal Brunei flying the Dubai – London segment in business class on a Boeing 787.

Interesting stuff!

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  1. Thanks Gary. This deal doesn’t interest me, but more power to those if it does. To those who have nothing better to do than to bag on him for what he writes or shares: GET OVER IT. Nobody wants to waste their time reading comments from trolls.

  2. Gary, you are far too patient with these trolls. You SHOULD delete their ridiculous comments. They fill up your blog comments section with stupid stuff that everyone, including themselves, know is not true. For some reason, some people’s maturity level is still stuck in 6th grade, not much you can do about it.

  3. 10 years ago Flyertalk was great, then a bunch of trolls like Skunker showed up and buried the valuable information with their Avalanche of constant bragging, insults and belittling – and that’s why it’s great that Garry posts these deals here. Skunker should go back to Flyertalk and hassle people who post in the wrong forum or have the gall to ask a question that’s in the FAQ.

  4. Thanks Gary, informative post as always. Looking for an excuse to take advantage of it.

  5. @gary, if you say you didn’t delete my comment then I will believe you. The rest of comments stand.

    @everyone else: You should probably check my posts on FT before bashing me.

    Good night and good luck to those that got in on the deal.

  6. Sadly, this deal is dead – $6800+ is best 1-way fare on BA and ITA Matrix. Great concept for another timing.

  7. Your fare calendar example shows June-July with the “27th” as a Saturday. Neither June nor July have a Saturday that is the 27th for either month???

  8. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and I have a pretty good feel for who’s good at giving proper attribution and who’s not. Gary’s great at giving credit where credit is due and I support him 100%.

  9. Maybe… I don’t know or really care that much. It is a pretty specific route to just “find” I’ve always lived in Austin and work in Iraq so fly home through Dubai. I happened to stumble across this at about 6am est time 1pm local time. I was looking for a flight for my wife to meet me in Dubai and fly home with me.
    After I booked I asked if anyone else saw this sale. 1hr later it was posted here. Glad people bought the sale.

  10. I honestly don’t know how bloggers such as Gary and MMS deal with the trolls, day-in and day-out. The trolls are invariably people who contribute absolutely nothing except accusations and such. Let’s not feed them.

  11. Gary, you know I like you, and actually I was deeply indebted to you for the RGN R3 fare, but this one was found by yourself? C’mon, you can’t be serious…

  12. Folks, I am genuinely not looking for any credit in this, I really do not care. I am only responding to those who suggest I am somehow ‘stealing’ the information from someone else I did not even know had written about it until posted here.

  13. Per someone commenting on OMAT, this fare typo had been around for months and people have flown it without issue. The large number of people booking it at once has led to the correction last night (apparently the base far was typoed as 1/10th of the correct fare).

  14. Wow – just WOW! You losers that are complaining that Gary didn’t find this, or stole that – seriously? Don’t you have anything better to worry or complain about? Who gives a F who found it? And how can you steal something that is freely available online? LOL! Bunch of idiots! Carry on Gary! 🙂

  15. Thanks Gary for notifying us about this deal and your excellent blog.

    I was able to get DXB-LHR-LAX in BA F for $1200 thanks to you. (The fare is actually DXB-LHR-LAX-AUS.)

    And there was Etihad F LAX-DXB for 90K available for the positioning!

  16. Gary, I ended up booking two trips, but want to cancel one later on. Is this deal fully refundable? TIA

  17. The additional irony strikes me seeing a few threads on Flyertalk where the intel was clearly ripped from this blog without attribution.

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