Secret Camera Reported In The Lavatory Of American Airlines Airbus A321

News reports were all over the place throughout the weekend about an American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Boston where a “criminal act” had taken place. Now we know more about what happened on board Saturday’s flight 1441 involving “a juvenile, a phone and a flight attendant.”

It was a hidden camera in the lavatory. And police boarded the aircraft when it landed in Boston.

[A passenger] said he saw a young girl walk to the plane’s first class bathroom before she was stopped by a male flight attendant.

…“He stopped her and said, ‘hey, hold on just a second. We’re about to start collecting trash so I’m going to wash my hands.’ So he went in the bathroom and then she went to the bathroom,” the passenger explained. The passenger believes this is when the reported “criminal act” took place. He said after the girl came out, other passengers saw the flight attendant go back in. That is when he says the girl’s mom came running up to the bathroom to stop another person from going in.

“The mom came up, she stopped the other lady from going in the bathroom. She said ‘don’t go in there,’” the passenger said. That passenger said he was told the mom was saying there was a camera in the bathroom.

According to American Airlines,

American Airlines flight 1441 from Charlotte (CLT) to Boston (BOS) was met by law enforcement upon arrival. We take this matter very seriously and are fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation, as safety and security are our highest priorities

In 2019 a United passenger was caught videotaping women in the lavatory. The way he was caught is fitting. He accidentally recorded himself installing the camera, so when the camera was found there he was on it.

A couple of months later came reports that Southwest Airlines pilots spent a flight watching passengers use the lavatory. This is when they were supposed to be flying their plane.

Apparently it’s not just Hilton, Hyatt, and Airbnb with hidden cameras. One hotel even gave you a $1 rate for being recorded and livestreamed in your room.

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  1. Who knew Boston had a rare September yesterday? Falls’ a coming early this year. This global warming thing is a scam…

  2. Who knew Boston had a rare September snowstorm yesterday?

    Falls’ a coming early this year.

    This global warming thing is a scam…

  3. This is frustratingly vague and incomplete, and the very little news reporting I can find is no better. Who planted the camera? The flight attendant, the girl, or someone else? Maybe they don’t know yet. Who discovered it? That they should know but aren’t saying.

    How did the mother know there was a camera there? Did the girl say she’d put it there? Did she say the attendant told her it was there and couldn’t be easily removed, but she used the bathroom anyway? Did she say she saw the camera there but used the bathroom anyway, and the flight attendant’s activities may or may not have been relevant?

    Was it discovered earlier, and the flight attendant went in first to remove or at least cover it. But then why did he go in a second time? To make sure the cover was still in place?

    Shoddy reporting.

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