Self-Proclaimed Slave Of Allah Takes Flight “Hostage”

Dozens of flights were delayed at the Sydney airport, as Malaysia Airlines flight 122 made an emergency landing after a self-proclaimed “slave of Allah” made a bomb threat and – at least metaphorically – is said to have taken the flight “hostage.”

The aircraft landed and taxied to a remote part of the airport, while crew isolated the man – but passengers had to wait an interminable amount of time for security to arrive and take the man off of the plane.

Onboard the 45 year old suspect kept repeating, “my name is Mohammed, slave of Allah” and confronted other passengers, demanding “are you a slave of Allah?” He would not stop until they’d “say it! Say it!”

After his eventual arrest he insists that he was… joking, and that this was all a “test” of Muslims.

Eventually, after several hours, passengers were allowed to deplane. Passengers off of the flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, which returned to the airport, had to be rebooked.

As a slave of Allah, presumably the man was not even drunk.

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  1. It’s like a zealous version of the Cornholio episode of Beavis & Butthead where he was going to everyone wondering aggressively if they had TP.

  2. Great, another crazy to fuel hatred of Muslims.

    (I’m watching this comments section, too).

    Trying to say it was a joke, too. Giving his religion a bad name. Sigh.

    At least nobody was hurt. (It seems like he didn’t intend to hurt anyone physically).

  3. I can certainly see marjorie traitor green or lauren bobert doing the same, just changing the name of the god…

  4. @SadStateofOurCountry. But they haven’t. So what you’re stating is called a “false equivalency” fallacy.

    Please wait until *after* they have done the same, otherwise, you’re just helping to feed the sad state of our country.

  5. @Jennifer P
    are you parody account? You remind me of those left wing british people that said the worst thing about islamic terrorism is that it make people Islamophobic, most people would say it’s probably the killing.

  6. @SadStateofOurCountry
    we haven’t the only person we’ve seen do anything close to this is that Jew Hating and American Hating Omar.

  7. @Jennifer P

    Did his religious fueled act not seem like the source of trouble here? Or are you one of those ultra-wanna-be-inclusive who would rather close your eyes and ears to the obvious?

  8. All religions have fanatics. Personally, I’ve had more issues with fanatical Christians in my life than fanatical Muslims.

    All terrorism is bad. All fanaticism is bad.

    All bigotry is also bad.

    If this guy was Christian he’d be yelling “Have you accepted Jesus?” at people.

    I’ve also received threats of violence from atheists, who made that threat because they were atheists, because it’s possible to be fanatically not religious too. I’ve been threatened and harassed by vegans who have made *that* their religion.

    Islam is not the problem here except that in this case it happens to be a Muslim. As somebody else pointed out, they could see an evangelical Christian doing this.

    And on a smaller scale, I’ve had evangelical Christians do exactly this crap to me in various situations. I’ve been followed into a restroom by somebody who demanded over and over again to know what church I went to. I’ve had street preachers physically loom over me and scream “Jesus loves you” in my face.

    I don’t blame all Christians for those people either.

    Fanaticism is a human disease and it’s proving very hard to cure. And, alas, sometimes it leads to terrible acts. 9/11. The Crusades.

    Again, I’ve seen plenty of Christian fanatics…I haven’t heard of anyone taking over a plane, but going around screaming “Have you accepted Jesus?” is alas common in certain quarters.

    These people embarrass their respective Gods.

  9. @Jennifer

    Anyone regardless of beliefs or faith acting fanatically on airplane should be removed

    End Stop

  10. Exactly. What I’m saying is that the actual religion they’re abusing to act like that doesn’t matter. The problem is the fanatical behavior.

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