Shirtless American Airlines Passenger Trashes Gate When He Learns He Can’t Have A Window Seat

Some people are aisle seats. They want the extra room leaning into the aisle, and want to control their own destiny, getting up to the lavatory whenever they want without someone else having to get int he way.

Other people are window seats. They want to gaze out at the clouds and the world below, musing on the beauty and grace of flying above the earth, something humans were unable to do throughout most of recorded history.

Either way it’s important to secure the seat you want before your flight, or else you may wind up disappointed like this American Airlines passenger in Charlotte. He was heading to Fort Lauderdale and didn’t get the window seat he wanted. And he just could not handle it.

Another passenger shot video of the man, now shirtless and with pants hanging down below the top of his underwear, as he paced back and forth to the boarding door and began trashing the gate area. He toppled the sign where people line up in group numbers to board.

He got in more than one employee’s face, and ranted at no one in particular in the C12 gate area… before officers responded to arrest him.

The best strategy is to book your window seat when you buy your ticket. That can cost extra, although American Airlines does a reasonable job of making free seat assignments available in advance (and paid seats available to basic economy customers).

Sometimes a change of aircraft means you lose your seat assignment, which is why it’s important to ‘garden your reservation’ and check on any changes that happen after you’ve booked but before your date of travel.

And if your flight is cancelled, and you get rebooked, you’re only able to access whatever is left over – which may not be much on a nearly sold out flight. Even there it’s better to try to trade with another passenger on board – maybe you have an aisle seat someone wants, or you could top off your middle seat with $20 to the person next to you.

$20 seem like a lot? It’s far less than what this passenger will wind up spending after his confrontation with law enforcement, and he still doesn’t get where he’s going – or get to look out the window on this flight, or perhaps even on any future American Airlines flight.

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  1. I wonder if a black man would’ve even made into the airport without a shirt. My guess is gonna be a “no”! Lol. Nice to see who CAN though! The ones most likely to have swallowed a BOMB or some sh*t!

  2. This guy will eventually be a mass shooter. Parents don’t teach their children hiw to deal with normal life disappointments.

  3. We in the Middle East are jealous about the freedom the Americans have like what a wonderful life you got guys. Beautiful.. beautiful.. civilized. Yes Bush was right when said they hate our way of life haha

  4. He should be ashamed of himself and he should have been arrested. Childish idiot. I hope he was not allowed to fly. It is dangerous having a deranged person who ´ a flight

  5. When a mother has no access to birth control pills (due to goverment restriction), can’t get rid of the unwanted fetus (due to government restriction or religious fears); it wouldn’t be strange to see those kinds of creatures. After gimmicks of corrupt supreme court, in the next few decades, there would be so many shooters and mentaly ill people out there that nobody would even dare to leave home.

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  7. What the hell does race have to do with this incident? No one is a racist except the white man and I doubt very seriously if the guy entered the secure area without a shirt on! Stop playing the race card Goofy!

  8. It’s OK. It’s just one of those people the left said “just came to America to provide a better life for his family”. Honestly, they probably will be better of if he goes to jail…

  9. So true Larry Spencer.. As a black woman this has nothing to do with race. That man is probably drunk or sick in the head. Ok he has no shirt on. If drunk he probably don’t realize how ridiculous he looks having it off. Drunk or mental health issues. Not race. Glad no one was hurt

  10. The flight crew would not want this man on board. The flight attendants would not want this man on board. Other normal passengers would not want this man on board. Anyone this irrational on the ground would not do well in the air. Safety first. Commercial air travel is a privilege and not a right.

  11. for all of you ” race baiters ” out there —- this guy removed his shirt AT THE GATE … and wtf difference does it make what race he is —– an a==hole is an a==hole reguardless of color!

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