Shirtless Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Attacks Guests With Plunger At Crew Layover Hotel

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant was arrested on January 28 after allegedly attacking guests – shirtless – wit a toilet plunger in a crew layover hotel in Des Moines, Iowa while pulling the fire alarm and partially flooding the property.

21 year old Trevyn Hill also attacked firefighters who wound up subduing him, according to flight attendant news website Paddle Your Own Kanoo. He faces charges of assault, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct and has pled not guilty.

Police responded to a disturbance around 2 a.m. Saturday morning reports “of a suspicious person armed with a dangerous weapon.” A toilet plunger.

Responding police officers found Hill in a stairwell on the 20th floor of the hotel, being physically restrained by firefighters who alleged they had been attacked by Hill.

A number of guests reported that Hill had been “chasing people” around the hotel with the toilet plunger. One victim said she had been evacuating the hotel via the stairwell after the fire alarm went off, when she came across Hill on the 18th floor.

Hill is alleged to have chased after the victim while holding the plunger and shouting: “I’m going to f**king get you”.

Some hotel guests claimed the man “stripped his jeans off and defecated on the hallway floor.” There was apparently physical evidence to support this.

Damages to the hotel property from hitting the sprinkler system in a maintenance room are estimated at $10,000. I guess the message here is don’t mess with your Southwest Airlines flight attendants, and definitely don’t ask them to unclog the toilet in the lav.

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  1. Classy, that’s the word that always comes to mind every time you mention the Southwest…

  2. or a severe episode of psychosis or mania? mental illness is real y’all. Either way seems very Southwesty.

  3. Yes, we all enjoy a high energy, interactive flight attendant who is not strapped in a seat with his nose in a book or gossiping with the other flight attendants. Of course, I do thank you for not posting a picture of the “apparently physical evidence.” Also, I shall endeavor not to mess with my Southwest Airlines flight attendant….my how they’ve changed since I last flew Southwest Airlines over ten years ago……

  4. His next interview is going to be pretty awkward when they get to the “so why did you leave your last position” question.

    Seriously, I hope he gets help.

  5. Must have a “bad reaction to his medication”. Also, I learned that Des Moines has 20-story buildings.

  6. His career prospects plunged to new lows.
    Was he shirtless or was he wearing a plunging V neck T-Shirt.
    When dared to earn the nickname “Demon of Des Moines” he decided accept the challenge and took the plunge.

  7. Up on the 20th floor of the Des Moines Marriott? Proably pissed that his company paid for crew room was not upgraded to the 33rd floor!


  8. I tried to work for SW when I was that age…didn’t get the job. Maybe I should try again.

  9. Honestly can’t help myself but feel bad for him. The front line was totally treated poorly during the holiday season, and we still are treated poorly. All while the very people who messed the company up are getting $9.1 million dollars in bonuses which should be going to out to us.

    I’m not saying what he did was okay. It was totally unacceptable, but I feel bad still. I hope he gets some help.

  10. I really feel sorry for this kid. He’s 21yo and obviously a new FA. All of us have made stupid mistakes growing up, but seldom was anything made of them. His mistake is all over the media.
    Having witnessed it myself with others, it could be a simple mixing of a couple drinks with Ambien that caused this.

    If he has serious mental issues, this is even sadder.

    I hope SW and his union extend all the resources available to help him.

    In the meantime, I think people making jokes at his expense SUCK.

  11. Mr.Pickles said exactly what I was thinking. We all got a good laugh, but at what expense for him? Someone could have slipped him something…we just don’t know details

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