Sneaky Major Hilton Devaluation?

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  1. @ Gart — Screw every hotel, airline, and car program. It’s all about cashback now.

  2. Agree with you 100% Gene! I switched to cash back cards almost a year ago. Constant bait and switch where the goal posts are always being moved! Won’t be the last devaluation anyone will see. Fortunately, I refuse to be suckered any longer. Not to mention all of the annual fees I’m saving…

  3. At long last we know the answer to “What would Brian Boitano do?”

    Unfortunately it appears the answer is “send an angry tweet”

  4. @Gary: “t’d all be so much better if the room rate included actually cleaning the room and housekeepers were paid their entire wages by their employer.”

    But that doesn’t incentivize them to do a good job.

    Instead of a dirty room you have a more expensive dirty room.

  5. Too bad DCS isn’t around anymore to troll troll troll away…Marriott isn’t anything great these days, but at least they typically wouldn’t pull BS like that.

  6. Hilton had to raise the cost of points redemption rooms so the CEO can afford to tip
    the housekeepers for his free rooms

  7. Maybe we can stop “valuing” hotel points by some arbitary “cents per point” metric and instead by the specifics of each redemption opporunity.

    Hilton points are so easy to obtain, I find it laughable that we are going to get bent out of shape over some some increase.

    – signed a Hilton diamond

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