Social Media Star Catches Creep Photographing Her Feet On Delta Flight

Social media influencer Alina Bedrossian took to TikTok to share video she snapped on board a Delta Connection regional jet of a passenger she caught snapping photos of her feet. Airline travel is small-d democratic, and brings together people of all kinds, and this is one of those kinds.

Her first video of the man “as he angles his iPhone toward her tootsies and takes a pic” has racked up about 6 million views. In a follow up video she shows the man editing the photos of her feet right there at his seat.

@alibedrossian Cuz wtf am I supposed to say😭 #weirdo #delta #floridaman #FindYourEdge #fyp ♬ The woman was too stunned to speak – xenomorphgirl

@alibedrossian Reply to @alibedrossian ♬ original sound – alibedrossian

But what should she have done? The internet has answers:

“[I would] call over an attendant and loudly be like, ‘HEY THIS GUY KEEPS TAKING PICS OF MY FEET CAN I HAVE A DIFFERENT SEAT PLS,’” advised one online onlooker. “I would have said, ‘Pay me and I won’t tell,’ ” argued another.

She seems happy with the experience though, both because it gave her content for her channel, and because “the rest of the trip was nice and fun.”

At least her feet weren’t up on the bulkhead or seat back in front of her.

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  1. It’s very clear this is not a Delta flight. Look at the safety card. Please change the headline as it is incorrect.

  2. I mean: a person who makes her living by pimping herself on social media as a nobody who thinks she is somebody that should should be followed… because she’s on social media….

    And she’s upset because someone is taking her picture… to post on social media… which gve her the chance to talk about herself MORE on social media.

    Another day In America.

  3. If true, it is abhorrent behavior by the other passenger, regardless of who the subject is or how she responded to it. Just like with that alleged pilot / flight attendant incident not too long ago. What is wrong with people.

    Sadly doesn’t really seem like there’s a great way to deal with it when you’re stuck in an airplane with someone, just like all passenger misbehavior. But if Delta were to learn of it even after the fact, I would hope and expect them to act.

  4. Oh look. More garbage @Gary reporting. top tier stuff here folks.

    Whoever in their right mind thinks that this tiktok video isn’t fake is a moron.

    No one is stupid enough to somehow film your seatmate without being noticed. ESPECIALLY in an RJ….

  5. Ok, debate time! Which is worse invasion of privacy? The dude taking pics of her feet or the tiktoker taking video of dude’s phone and posting for world to see?

  6. The quality and newsworthiness of this blog is going downhill fast. Please course correct Gary!

  7. Well it worked! She got more attention. Goal attained. Women get looked at. I’ve had guys tell me what nice shoulders I have, and now I remember somebody telling me I had beautiful feet. I feel that I’ve missed out … I thought nothing of it. Maybe I could have been a social media star too. Damn.

  8. @Gary
    I don’t know what is worse, the tone you took In your blog post or the obvious attempt at social media exposure this self important “influencer”. I haven’t said much on the topics of your posts, but they have definitely are on a death spiral.

  9. Who actually cares what this bimbo does with her life? Like, oh m’GOD! Like, someone’s photographing my feet, like fer sure it’s like totally wrong, why doesn’t someone like DO something!!!

  10. Third world countries, people worry about access to clean drinking water.
    First world countries, people worry about their feet being photographed.

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