Someone Is Selling ConciergeKey Challenges On eBay

ConciergeKey is the ‘secret’ status level that American Airlines gives to its top customers and top corporate travel influencers. It became legendary when George Clooney was portrayed as a Concierge Key member on a quest to earn 10 million miles in Up In The Air. The benefits of this status include top priority for upgrades; airport escorts and even occasional vehicle transfers on the tarmac during tight connections; access to Flagship business class lounges; and a next flight guarantee to ensure they get to their destination.

Customers receive this status either because they spend a lot of money with the airline – historically, about $60,000 on tickets (but not at a low cost per flight) or as a big corporate customer. Corporate contracts may come with a certain number of ConciergeKey memberships. Earning several million AAdvantage miles can now lead to ConciergeKey status, too.

American has run ‘challenges’ for Concierge Key membership. A targeted fast track has included four spend levels for American Airlines flights that had to be met during a 90 day period. Different members received different amounts, $10,000; $12,000; $14,000 EQDs; $16,000. (Those are annual run rates between $40,000 and $64,000.)

Shockingly someone is selling ConciergeKey status on eBay! They’re asking $2000 and say that there are 10 available.

This is actually for a ConciergeKey challenge offering 3 months of status, and keeping the status through the end of the current member year (March 31, 2023) for $15,000 spend with the airline in those 3 months.

If I wasn’t already a ConciergeKey member I don’t think I would spend $2000 for 3 months of ConciergeKey status, as special as it is. I certainly wouldn’t buy this on eBay. American Airlines Corporate Security regularly visits eBay, craigslist et al and is liable to ‘purchase’ this in order to identify the seller. And if they do that they might (1) take away the status they’d granted, and (2) possibly even lock the account of the person who bought that status. So it seems like a bad idea.

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  1. Since there is a certain standard of behavior that is required of all Concierge Key members, this member needs to be reported and kicked out. They cheapen the the prestige of the club with the tackiness of selling it on EBay. And Mr. Leff …you aren’t too far behind…

  2. I bought this and got status in 2 days, people freak out so much about selling status. This has been going on for decades on taobao.

  3. The same seller has sold 53 “Delta Airlines Platinum Sky Team Elite Plus Status Challenge”, 60 “Top Tier United Airlines 1K status”, 66 “United Airlines Premier Platinum”, and 51 “Star Alliance Gold”, to name but a few ( , at the bottom of the page).

  4. this joker is asking for your aadvantage login and password to set up the challenge… you are CK – you should alert aamerican security

  5. Interesting. The seller wants $11.90 for a DL Business Class amenity kit. I never thought about selling them, but I must have 20 or more of them in my bedside cabinet. Maybe I should.

  6. Anyone who would go for this stunt, I ask – How do you know that the airline is not waiting for you to buy into this unlawful scam? If the advertiser is an airline in disguise, they will close your existing account after they confirm that it is you.

    I have a client who tried to “sell” his airlines miles of an airline he no longer used. Selling miles is contrary to the rules of airlines memberships. The client went on line, assumed it was a buyer, then agreed to sell his miles.

    After he furnished all his account information, the airline disclosed who they were then closed his account. He lost all his miles (several hundred thousand miles).

    Beware of “x x x” bearing gifts.

  7. Kimberly, could you please elaborate as to the standards of conduct for CKs? Just so everyone knows.

  8. If people have the disposable income to purchase status, I say more power to them.

  9. Status is sold everyday from banks via credit cards. Hell even AA was trying to sell Platinum Pro status to me for a few hundred bucks earlier this year.

    So what is this dude has a side hustle. If he or she gets caught then they get caught and they’ll have to deal with it.

    It ain’t like this fine group is without folks who sometimes (or all the time) manufacture spend for status.

    Don’t fall as you step down from your high horse.

  10. Gary,

    Do you know if AA considers co branded credit card expenditures when invites a member for concierge key ?

  11. “2808 Heavy says:
    August 14, 2022 at 6:47 pm
    Status is sold everyday from banks via credit cards. Hell even AA was trying to sell Platinum Pro status to me for a few hundred bucks earlier this year.”

    Status sold by banks/credit cards is a legal agreement between hotels/airlines and the credit card issuer.

    Terms of membership in loyalty programs all state that selling or buying miles or points between private parties is prohibited and makes the member subject to losing all accumulated points and recognition by the hotel, airline or bank.

    The person selling or buying miles, points or status on e-bay is putting the loyalty members at risk of losing their accumulated points and/or miles merely by accepting the offer.

  12. @Renato – it seems they do now but also that it would take quite a lot of spend to get there [I know of one reader who earned 4 million non-flight miles within a year that weas not awarded ConciergeKey]

  13. Where is the prestige anyway? A bunch of fat yanks burning company money and still thinking it’s prestigious sipping cheap champagne on their way to an old plane with dirty seats …lol
    Come to Asia for real prestige…what a country of morons

  14. And it’s gone… Gary kills another great deal by posting about it!!


  15. So, it’s pretty much for snooty people, celebrities,and corporate executives that waste all that money on flying yet do nothing to stand up for those that are going hungry due to BidenFlation

  16. I bought a top-tier status challenge earlier this year. Best $300 I ever spent on travel.

    We were moving abroad on a 3 segment itinerary. Received 2 J upgrades and 1 PE, 3 free bags each, lounge access where Priority Pass wouldn’t have done much, saved a bunch of time at the airports, etc. I knew I wouldn’t fly enough in 3 months to meet the challenge, but they still gave me a lower tier status for 12 months. Not too shabby!

  17. I am very confused. How does the seller get the challenge to sell? How is it transferable to someone else’s Advantage account?

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