Someone Is Suing United Airlines For Helping Him Not Miss A Flight (Really)

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  1. Oh Gary, after 6 years I’ve learned to be forgiving of your clickbait headlines but this one seriously misrepresents the facts. The passenger didn’t file suit because of United’s operational efforts, he did it because United kept barraging him with auto-texts after he sent the STOP request. There’s already a story there, why stretch it into something that it isn’t?

  2. My cab was too slow. My hamburger leaked on my shirt. My coffee was too hot. I get too many emails. Can I sue? Waiting to hear from predatory lawyers.

  3. +1 to David. Beyond that, the TCPA sets statutory damages at a low enough point that it makes individual enforcement uneconomical. I have a single merchant with a documented 30+ calls in violation of the TCPA, and I can’t get a lawyer to take it on contingency – they only want it if I’m committing to full hourly rate or if it’s a class action. It’s just not worth their time.

    If we’re going to have sensible rules (like “quit calling or texting when people say no”), we need effective sticks for getting people to follow them.

  4. Nice click bait title. The guy is suing United because he asked them to stop texting him and he continued to receive nonstop texts. Get it right smh.

  5. Yeah, once again we see why ‘bloggers’ and ‘journalists’ are two different things. That title would never pass an editorial board, but fortunately it doesn’t have to.

  6. The suite against United is definitely not an example of why tort reform is needed. The plaintiff, if the facts are correct, tried to opt out four times and even got confirmation that he opted out. But, texts kept arriving. I hope United has to pay big.

  7. Having been involved in internal discussions on both the technology and legal side of the TCPA, I can assure you that United made a choice to ignore the problems in their systems. That’s their choice to make, naturally, but it’s not indicative of a systemic issue if they get sued because of their decisions.

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