South Korean Flight Attendant Suspended After Bringing Passenger Into Crew Rest With Her

A flight attendant for South Korean Star Alliance member Asiana has been suspended after bringing her middle school-aged daughter into the crew rest area on a flight from Seoul Incheon to Rome.

asiana flight attendant providing service

Her daughter was feeling ill, complaining of “severe motion sickness and dehydration” and the Asiana flight crew member “told her colleagues she would be taking a two-hour rest in the bedroom with her daughter.” The flight attendant’s husband was also traveling on the flight and remained at his seat.

The incident was reported in an online forum, where other crew anonymously complained.

The original post claimed “crewmembers were unable to rest because one of the employees brought in a passenger into a secure facility while in flight.”

South Korea’s transportation ministry said crew rest compartments are not designated secure facilities, and that “it is up to airlines to decide on the designation.”

crew rest

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  1. Gary, I clicked the link of the source news. Unfortunately there’s nothing that said that the FA has been suspended, beside the title. The story itself said “Asiana Airlines is still investigating the case, according to the report.”

    Are we jumping to conclusion?

  2. @Cipta The article opens, “A South Korean flight attendant has been suspended after..” The first sentence of the article says it.

  3. @tommyleo Well Asiana (where the FA works) is a South Korean airline so I guess the relevance is informational. Seems fine to me, and I am married to an Asian.

  4. Was simply context for those unfamiliar with Asiana [I think I originally typed out South Korean Airline Flight Attendant… and shortened it]

  5. Really dislike the emphasis on clickbait headlines in this blog. “South Korean Flight Attendant Suspended After Bringing Passenger Into Crew Rest With Her” should have been more clearly, succinctly and accurately written as “South Korean Flight Attendant Suspended After Bringing her Daughter Into Crew Rest”, but then you would miss all of the clicks from those hoping for a story about sex in the crew rest. Oh, Gary.

  6. Yea the headline suggests something much more elicit. This seems like a really minor infraction since it was her sick child and she wanted to stay with her during her break which she could not do in the child’s seat. Not really worthy of international media coverage.

  7. Presumably the benefit of these click bait headlines outweigh the cost of the deterioration of this blog’s reputation.

  8. I was a flight attendant for 44 years, having flown for Pan American and Delta Airlines. I cannot imagine a flight attendant not knowing the rules of the air. That is our private space to get away and rest…flying long distances is not easy these days …in my opinion it was extremely selfish. If her child was ill from the turbulence., her husband should have stepped in and taken care of her. If that had happened in the United States, she probably would have been terminated

  9. I disagree Valerie Matei. There are exceptions when extraordinary circumstances occur. The F/As child was most likely in coach class where it is impossible to lay down. Simply having her in the crew bunk in itself, is not going to cause a scene. The selfish F/As who snitched, should be ashamed of themselves.

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