Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Challenged These Passengers to an Inflight Toilet Paper Race

On July 20 Southwest Airlines flight attendants challenged passengers to a toilet paper race inflight from Raleigh to Denver.

The two sides of the plane were pitted against each other “for a chance to be the first to deplane” — presumably most of the passengers not realizing one side of the plane simply doesn’t deplane before the entire other side.

It was motivating enough though because “passengers could be seen gently unrolling toilet paper passed from the front of the cabin to the back.”

A passenger on the flight posted video to Facebook, where Southwest Airlines found it — and gave her Rapid Rewards points for it.

According to Southwest the passengers showed “good speed” and “great form” and may even “have a future in professional toilet paper roll racing.”

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  1. The guy that invented Southwest bowling was the best. Passengers up front let go of a tennis ball right after takeoff and the one who knocks down the paper cup in the rear galley wins. This game also provides the opportunity for double entendres about balls. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on a Southwest flight.

  2. I was on Southwest once when the flight attendants challenged us to A toilet paper race! The most I think I’ve ever interacted with fellow passengers.

  3. another Reason to AVOID this Tacky Operation…. the Boarding Corrals ridiculous/degrading, Stupid F/A jokes and just plain Classless on most points. profitable Yes, but unless I am getting a Cut….could Care Less. Fly a Real Airline that Goes Places…. the Riff/Raff can keep SW

  4. Just another reason to take Southwest. They care about their passengers and want to provide a fun and exciting inflight experience unlike the Big Three where all they care about is making the experience as miserable as possible and extracting the maximum dollars from their passengers. There’s a reason that Southwest has some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

  5. Another reason to NOT take swa. Let me be on a flight, don’t make me participate in a dumb game. This isn’t a corporate bonding outing.

  6. I greatly appreciate SWA’s humor…everyone knows that travelling is somewhat stressful. Kudos for them trying to have fun at their jobs and trying to “loosen up” the stressful atmosphere that unfortunately goes along with airline travel. You only live once; have a good time while your here!

  7. Groan, how tacky and obnoxious.

    As a frequent flyer all I want is to be left alone when I am on a plane. Forced interaction with other passengers is not a benefit. It’s a mode of transport, not a comedy show or fun park. Airplane time is down time, relaxation time, unplug time.

    If this happened on a flight I was on, i’d be complaining to the airline. More reason to book away from from Southwest.

  8. I’ve been on several SWA flights where the FA’s have done this, or played other sorts of games, with the passengers. It’s always been on “long-haul” flights — e.g.: OAK-MCI, or MCI-BWI, as opposed to OAK-LAX or LAX-SJC — and those who don’t want to participate, don’t. It’s as simple as that. This *does* date back to the early days of Southwest, when no one had tablets and thus the only IFE was reading a book or passing a roll of TP, or fishing among your pocket change to find who had the oldest penny . . .

  9. I have to agree with some of the others, although I do not fly that much these days. When I am on a flight I do not want to be bothered by this or other childish games, I just want to be left alone if a conversation sparks between me and someone around me so be it, but forced bonding with people I do not know nor do I really about is like someone else said, stupid attempt in forcing people to bond together with people who do not like or care about each other and suppose I purposely book towards the front so I can get off and out of the cattle car as fast as I can to get somewhere.

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