Special Wedding Photos Attack Delta For Losing Luggage

Feeding the old meme that on Delta Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive (or ‘Diverts Errant Luggage to Atlanta’), a man whose luggage was lost enroute to his dream destination wedding in Iceland is letting the world know he doesn’t believe Delta can be relied on when it counts. And he created a special wedding photo to get the message out.

Without luggage he didn’t have his wedding suit. This is what their wedding photo was supposed to look like, as photoshopped:

Credit: Gryff22 on Reddit

However here’s what it actually looked like:

If you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfits, don’t fly Delta Airlines. from pics

Here’s a close up:

Redditors are having fun with photoshop, helping the couple out with a variety of alternatives to what they were stuck with after Delta lost the groom’s bags.

Credit: DemIce on Reddit

According to Travel & Leisure the bags were left unattended on a carousel in Frankfurt. The passengers were flying Washington DC – New York JFK – Reykjavik and Delta told the couple to deal with the last carrier on their itinerary – air berlin. (They were re-routed DC – New York – Paris – Berlin – Reykjavik (!).

  • It’s true that you make a baggage claim with the last carrier on the itinerary, not the one you checked your bags with.

  • Something is off in the T+L telling though because as far as I know air berlin seres Reykjavik via Berlin and also Dusseldorf but not Frankfurt — Lufthansa, Wow Air, and Icelandair offer Frankfurt service.

Nonetheless it’s inadvisable to connect with checked baggage and a change of airline enroute to your wedding doesn’t help.

During the summer Icelandair offers two daily non-stops Washington Dulles – Reykjavik and Wow Air offers daily Baltimore – Reykjavik.

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  1. Wait. The bag was left unattended, meaning the guy didn’t claim his bag or the bag was left unattended and someone stole it?

  2. He couldn’t buy a suit or presentable clothes in Iceland? Wouldn’t EU compensation laws come into play here? Seems like he could have gotten enough guarantee that someone would pay for replacement clothes. Delta and KLM have always treated me good on the couple of occasions when my luggage was lost. In one case, they reimbursed $700 in replacement clothes with no questions asked when my luggage was delayed 48 hours.

  3. Lesson learned: never use US3 airlines for international trip. You may not support US jobs, you may not support US military, you may support foreign subsidized bussines, you may support unfair bussines, you may not get get beaten and dragged from plane, etc.

    But at least you can wear your wedding dress at your wedding.

  4. @FNT Delta Diamond – he transited Germany believing bags were checked through to Iceland. Bags were delivered to baggage claim in Germany.

  5. I think anybody that wears a t-shirt critical of delta should be kicked off delta flight immediately. They are well within their rights and as law loving Russians we should all applaud it.

    Just as we think its ok to ask that posters with whom we don’t agree should be banned from this blog.

  6. The article says that they were going via Paris and Berlin, and also says it’s because their DC – NYC flight was delayed, causing them to misconnect. So they only booked a 1-connection flight.

  7. I’m confused, they lost the groom’s suit but not the bride’s dress? Presumably if the latter happened, the bride would be going apesh*t

  8. What a convoluted route on more expensive airlines! That’s a trip I’d plot if I wanted to lose luggage.

    That said, the agent who checked the bags surely told them to recheck in Germany which would have been coded in large letters on bag checks. Or do they insert the bag checks in your eyeballs now?

  9. How is anyone supporting US jobs by flying delta when delta mostly acquires used aircraft?

    Don’t be a trump deplorable that believes every lie they hear.

  10. he didn’t fly that route voluntarily :

    The couple was on their way from Washington, D.C. to Iceland to tie the knot when their flight was delayed, causing them to miss a connection in New York City, according to Reddit user Zebidee, who identifies as a friend of the bride.

    “They were re-routed via Paris and Berlin, but despite constant contact with Delta Airlines [sic] to make sure their luggage wound up in the right place, the airline washed their hands of the situation,”

  11. There’s nothing un-American about banning Credit from this site. Gary just needs to exercise his first amendment rights to shut him the hell up. This is a privately owned blog, not a publicly owned forum.

  12. It is the guy’s fault. He should of carried the suit onboard the aircraft, as a carry on.

  13. What he could not fly Washington Direct to Iceland like others do? No he had to make a NYC, Frankfurt stop just to be sure he did not pay $600 for the flight. Bet you a $1 it was a rewards flight that is why he took the side trips.

    If the wedding was that important to him he would have packed the suit in his carryon like EVERY BRIDE DOES.

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