Spicy Flight Attendant Says She’ll Hand Out Upgrades To Passengers Who Bring Her Gift Cards

‘Spicy’ flight attendant Cierra Mistt is back, offering dubious advice. She says you’ll get upgraded if you give a gift card to a flight attendant on your flight. And she claims that this works *every time.”

This is dumb because most of the time there aren’t even first class seats open on a flight. They aren’t supposed to accept gift cards, and they aren’t supposed to upgrade passengers (on most airlines, Emirates for instance will sell upgrades inflight). But even if you can find a flight attendant willing to break both rules, the chances of an open seat on a U.S. airline for them to upgrade you into are slim.

Delta says they’re selling 74% of first class seats, leaving few seats even available for legitimate upgrades, let alone nonrev employees at the gate, who would be assigned into otherwise empty seats at the front of the aircraft. Airline pilots now even trump upgraders at the airport for available first class seats when they are deadheading. Yet here she is, dishing on this ‘secret’ that airlines supposedly don’t want you to know:

@cierra_mistt #stitch with @Taco reacts ♬ original sound – Cierra Mistt

At American Airlines employees are not permitted to accept gift cards although passengers do give flight attendants Starbucks gift cards occasionally, and also chocolates.

Controversy broke out four years ago when it was revealed that flight attendants at Frontier Airlines were allowed to accept tips. Cabin crew unions opposed the practice because tipping means employers can pay less and still attract workers, precisely because customers will top off the wages. Some crewmembers don’t like tipping because it comes with a service expectation as well.

At some airlines flight attendant compensation is tied to inflight sales. The more alcohol passengers drink, the more they get paid – that’s a bad incentive!

I suppose giving gift cards to flight attendants works at least as well as using “revenue management” as a shibboleth.

Mistt used to work regional jets for Republic Airways which is an Express carrier for American, United and Delta. She became social media famous when other cabin crew complained to the big internet companies and had her social media accounts taken down briefly.

Her past tips that don’t work include buying on Tuesdays for the cheapest tickets, and assigning yourself a seat at the back of the plane to improve your chances of an upgrade. She’s even told a story about groups of passengers meeting on a regional jet and serially joining the Mile High Club while a pilot joined in.

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  1. I have been upgraded to first class from my assigned seat. Randomly so it’s bs it’s only done at gate. The moment I have to start bribing the stewardess to do something is the minute I start video taping the scumbag. The extremely high price I pay to fly and the delays and cancelations on top of that. I expect that person to be professional & virtuous to the highest degree. I would report this employee and blast them and the airline on social media. Like myself others listen and will avoid tacky airlines. We didn’t pay this price to be sitting on a Jerry Springer show . A gift card girl? Over my dead body so keep you diva shit at home bring your best or stay home. Low class hustler.

  2. Another form of prostitution…… she should be ashamed for degrading the professional Flight Attendants . Most airlines would fire her for this !

  3. She was fired and is no longer an FA. She’s just collecting all that cash thanks to all the clicks you are giving her.

  4. This is the same woman who claimed that she sued PepsiCo and won for copyright infringement and that’s why you don’t see Sierra Mist soda anymore. Take whatever she says with a huge mound of salt.

  5. Buying an upgrade from a stewardess is theft and should be prosecuted. It steals revenue from the airline itself and defrauds elites out of an upgrade to which they are entitled.

    Domestic airlines don’t pressure stewardesses to sell products but many international airlines do. I think Cathy Pacific is the worst.

  6. How does the flight attendant know that the gift card is not already used. The passenger could defraud her by not giving her a legitimate gift card. How would she know until she spent it? And who is she reported to?

  7. She’s not a flight attendant. She just makes things up for attention. I hope noone takes this pathetic soul seriously. She gets away with this nonsense, because she’s not a flight attendant.

  8. This is false information… All upgrades are done at the gate. This girl was fired awhile ago. Some passengers do bring $5 Starbucks gift cards for the crew; as appreciation. Please stop spreading false information.

  9. Yeah I am not going to give a flight attendant a giftcard expecting an upgrade. So we have to tip in order to get special things?

    I am fully supportive that deadheading pilots get a first class seat which is really not going to take many seats in a day. I know they try avoid deadheading anyways, so I am sure it’s not going to be every flight. So the extra seats should not be up for bid by the flight attendants. What if three people give the flight attendant gift cards?

    Tipping, gifts, etc. Should not be allowed and upgrades should be based on loyalty points not based on favoritism.

  10. Oh calm down Karen’s, holy crap don’t you have anything legit to gripe, moan b#tch, and complain about?

  11. I came here just to read the entitled rants from people wanting upgrades….and I wasn’t disappointed. America the land that that just keeps on giving when it comes to unintentional comedy value

  12. On long haul flights I give a couple of boxes of chocolates to the stewards. Let’s not forget they are human and the flights can be very long. They do not get paid till they take off and they stop being paid once the aircraft lands. So I think a little thank you is appreciated.

  13. Cierra Huffman was fired from Republic back in 2020, after she published SSI. (Sensitive Security Information, controlled under CFR)

    She now pedals her BS on the internet in a desperate attempt to win fame and fortune. She’s basically delusional. Her latest thing, other than the Sierra Mist nonsense (also not true) is how she’s corrupting her Mormon boyfriend.

  14. this person hasn’t been a flight attendant for years, she purposefully posts stupid shit like this to generate traffic for her OnlyFans. she was a regional FA only for like two years before getting fired. I know y’all aren’t responsible enough to delete this post but you can AT THE VERY LEAST add a disclaimer somewhere that she isn’t actually a flight attendant.

  15. The one time I got an upgrade to First Class was purely random. It was during the Y2K concerns about computers and the year turning over to 2000. I flew from L.A. to Flint, Michigan on December 30, 1999. I think there was worry about what would happen. That’s probably why I got the upgrade. Everything was fine, but I didn’t want to be up in the air on the 31st.

  16. Absolute rubbish. I’ve been flying worldwide for my career for a decade and have flown nearly every major carrier worldwide. Upgrades are compiled by a number of factors and are assigned prior to boarding. No flight attendant is going to upgrade you because you decided to treat them like a prostitute. They literally can’t. This chick peddles nothing but crap, and it’s annoying to see her being given clicks here. Now I have to deal with idiots trying to bribe my flight attendants for upgrades. STOP GIVING THIRST TRAPS ATTENTION.

  17. If a first class passenger is assigned but not checked in, they cannot and will not upgrade that seat until 10 minutes before departure. they typically wait until the door is ready to close. This happened to me last night. I am platinum, they called the wife and I up and said they had one upgrade. I gave it to her, of course. They then told me they may possibly have another seat which was assigned to a passenger who hadn’t checked in I got upgrades from my seat to first class

  18. Oh everybody is just so silly! Everybody getting worked up about one side or the other it’s almost as if everyone has forgotten that the most obvious and reasonable reason she does this is probably the truthful answer …. She says and does these things because they are entertaining to read about. That’s what we are here for, entertainment. And it seems to me that she is doing her best to provide just that! And everyone wants to get on her case because she’s entertaining and thought provoking. Good job Girlfriend! I, for one, enjoy the colorful antidotes . See how easy that is. #NoPantiesInABunchHere

  19. SHE IS NOT A REAL FLIGHT ATTENDANT. She was fired from an American Airlines regional carrier a long time ago for posting false information. Passengers occasionally bring us gifts (cookies and chocolates) as a thank you but we never offer anything in return other then a heart felt thank you. We just genuinely appreciate people being kind. That’s the best gift!

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