Spicy Flight Attendant Says She’ll Hand Out Upgrades To Passengers Who Bring Her Gift Cards

‘Spicy’ flight attendant Cierra Mistt is back, offering dubious advice. She says you’ll get upgraded if you give a gift card to a flight attendant on your flight. And she claims that this works *every time.”

This is dumb because most of the time there aren’t even first class seats open on a flight. They aren’t supposed to accept gift cards, and they aren’t supposed to upgrade passengers (on most airlines, Emirates for instance will sell upgrades inflight). But even if you can find a flight attendant willing to break both rules, the chances of an open seat on a U.S. airline for them to upgrade you into are slim.

Delta says they’re selling 74% of first class seats, leaving few seats even available for legitimate upgrades, let alone nonrev employees at the gate, who would be assigned into otherwise empty seats at the front of the aircraft. Airline pilots now even trump upgraders at the airport for available first class seats when they are deadheading. Yet here she is, dishing on this ‘secret’ that airlines supposedly don’t want you to know:

@cierra_mistt #stitch with @Taco reacts ♬ original sound – Cierra Mistt

At American Airlines employees are not permitted to accept gift cards although passengers do give flight attendants Starbucks gift cards occasionally, and also chocolates.

Controversy broke out four years ago when it was revealed that flight attendants at Frontier Airlines were allowed to accept tips. Cabin crew unions opposed the practice because tipping means employers can pay less and still attract workers, precisely because customers will top off the wages. Some crewmembers don’t like tipping because it comes with a service expectation as well.

At some airlines flight attendant compensation is tied to inflight sales. The more alcohol passengers drink, the more they get paid – that’s a bad incentive!

I suppose giving gift cards to flight attendants works at least as well as using “revenue management” as a shibboleth.

Mistt used to work regional jets for Republic Airways which is an Express carrier for American, United and Delta. She became social media famous when other cabin crew complained to the big internet companies and had her social media accounts taken down briefly.

Her past tips that don’t work include buying on Tuesdays for the cheapest tickets, and assigning yourself a seat at the back of the plane to improve your chances of an upgrade. She’s even told a story about groups of passengers meeting on a regional jet and serially joining the Mile High Club while a pilot joined in.

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  1. I always bring a little gift bag on Southwest….mints, chap stick and a Starbucks gift card. My flight attendant then doesn’t charge for mine and my husband’s drinks.

  2. Yeah… huh huh … as a 38+ year FA, upgrades for a gift is bogus! One, the upgrade list for our flights seem to always exceed the total seats in the premium cabin! Two, if I upgraded someone, a person on the upgrade list would be raising a stink that he or she was due an upgrade next. Which also means a complaint to management.
    Gifts are a nice gesture and appreciated; however, with full flights there is very little we can do for anyone being that nice and caring. I might be able to provide a premium cabin amenity kit and comp drinks or snacks. But that is about it.
    As someone wrote, this gal was fired. From her comments, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. She is such a moron…upgrades are done at the gate and I can’t remember the last time that there wasn’t an ass already in all seats in FC.

  4. She’s irritating, but I’ll stop short of moron. She manages to post garbage and get it amplified through frequent flyer sites which drives clicks. Pathetic, but clever in a toxically annoying way I suppose.

  5. She’s a trashy fraud. None of her “tips” work and her 15 minutes need to be over soon.

    I would never upgrade anyone on my own accord. Not worth potential losing my job.

  6. If flight attendants aren’t on the clock until the door closes, how does their employer have anything to say about their accepting gifts?

  7. She was fired….simple. Also, posts porno pics of herself. And no, we do not upgrade anyone with gift cards. The airlines need to shut this no class influencer down. She is grotesque.

  8. I believe that Chippy is a phony. If she still works for an airline, she should not.
    That said, I frequently bring little treats for the crew, the whole crew, with no expectations of anything in return. A batch of brownies is always appreciated and on a RJ with one or two crew a little survival kit with hot cocoa, hot spice cider mix and maybe some small treats.

  9. Totally bogus. I fear for the young who lose their jobs claiming fake truths for likes and tiktok fame.

  10. I’m thinking her 15 minutes of fame must be just about up. Bogus tips from a would be influencer.

  11. You are the one who’s pathetic who nobody likes because if you think that is ethical, you’re even dumber than you look. So kudos to the one who will report your ass and I will celebrate when you’re fired

  12. Yeah, she tried to give us expert advice as to why we should not worry about turbulence at cruise altitude…..because that air is thicker up there. 😀

    Nuff said about her.

  13. I’ve flown for 41 years and I’ve seen flight attendants do this throughout the years. People do it for different reasons. Some sincerely thanking us while others felt they were going to get free drinks etc. we’ve had drunk passengers because of it. This one putting her face out here shows who she really is and it isn’t a good thing to coworker’s or the company. It’s like prostituting herself..

  14. This trashy person should be banned from Social Media. She somehow got hold of various airline pieces of uniforms. Talks of all the sex she has as a Flight Attendant in front of her Mormon Boyfriend. She knows nothing and is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on Social Media. Too bad she could be cute, but her personality has turned that face into nothing but ugly!

  15. Wow, outright corruption with a warning, mafia-style.

    Tipping “culture” has gone too far: I’ve stopped tipping everyone except restaurants, it’s just counterproductive: if nobody tips, this stuff doesn’t happen.

  16. I give Flight attendants gift cards on almost every flight I take. I don’t give them an attempt to get anything free or an upgrade but I do give them to say thank you for exceptional service or kindness. So many flight attendants are downright rude and nasty these days that I like to reward the ones who are kind and go out of their way to make you feel wanted and that they appreciate your business.

  17. EWH is 100% right. There are strict rules for getting an upgrade. There might be a rare occation one upgrade was given after the door was closed but that is as I said”rare”. I did get 5 upgrades automatically in last 41 years of flying with various airlines and I don’t know the reasons. When the Emirates A380 airplane started service about 20 yrs before, I remember the agent told me that the computer was showing an upgrade for $300 from Newyork to Dubai and asked me if I wanted to accept that..I jumped in for that 14 hours long flight.
    Last July I got an upgrade from Dubai to NY after the door was closed and they asked me 81,000 Emitares Skywards miles. Luckily I had the miles and I grabbed it with the miles.
    So as you see, it is not normal to get an upgrade just by asking for it. Everyone has a boss to answer and they maintain the strict rules.
    But I have one question, ” How would I know which Hostess or Stuart to give the gift card or a little present out of all them?”

  18. I bring $5 starbucks gift cards for the whole crew including the pilots and give them out whether I’m flying first class or coach. No upgrade needed. I just want them to know they are appreciated. The news always shows such nonsense on planes it’s nice to be a bright spot.

  19. I call this FAKE NEWS! When was the last time you saw a empty seat in 1st. What FA would be stupid enough to do that for a free candy bar? Oh yeah a unemployed one!

  20. I used to stay with her in a pilot/FA coed crash pad up in NYC. Honestly, she’s really nice and fun in person. Apparently she got popular online and I’m sure makes way more doing that than as a regional FA (I actually had no idea she had an online presence until I saw her on here). Good for her for finding her own way.

  21. I have been flying in business class which is first class on domestic flights for ten years. I have seen this woman on the internet. Nothing she has ever said is true nor is it applicable to traveling in first class. I flew internationally yesterday and there was only one seat available in business class which was next to me. Every time I fly in domestic business class all the seats are already booked solid. The reality is on most domestic flights there are approximately only 12 business class seats unless the flight is transcontinental in which there are more if the plane is configured for lay flat or first class pods.

  22. This girl was terminated years ago and continues to make fraudulent trashy content. None of her tips or insider secrets are remotely true. She’s a has been promoting her Only Fans page. No one is upgrading anyone over a Starbucks card or anything else.

  23. My wife and I usually just pay to fly up front three days, but we do usually bring something nice for the cabin crew to enjoy in-flight on international hauls. A box of macarons or petit fours or chocolates or some other sort of treats. They always seem to be appreciative.

  24. So as a retired gate agent of major US airline for 30 years..the only people authorized to award upgrades on the plane are the lead gate agents before flight leaves..never has a FLIGHT ATT. Had the ability to do this onboard..she’s just telling stories.

  25. So everyone is bringing gift cards for the flight crew, what about the lowly gate agents? They work just as hard. No gift cards for them?

  26. I always give a $5 Starbucks card to each flight attendant and expect absolutely nothing in return. I fly a lot for business and see the garbage they deal with from passengers.

  27. Ya tital & complete Bimbo, only in it for 15 minutes of fame, glad she got fired, however, het social media should be taken down
    And exactly, only bringing stuff for flight crew? What about everyone else who works @ the airport?
    Bimbo get a life cause no one likes you

  28. Sharing her posts simply furthers her interest in social hits. She posts hypes based on “experience” but had limited time in the air and advice ranges from lame to total bulls###.

  29. I’m so hoping this FA has been terminated!!!!! It’s very appreciated when passengers bring chocolates or something of that nature but it in NO WAY means we can upgrade them. I don’t think they expect that anyway. They are just being nice! Again professional FAS do there job and appreciate the gesture

  30. She is a liar. I dont believe as a retired pilot that any pilot would join in with passengers to have sex in the back. Pilots are not going to risk their career for a bimbo. She is crazy and wants attention and this article is dumb

  31. She’s not a flight attendant or at least not anymore. If anything she might have worked for a regional that flies for multiple airlines as I have seen her wear different airline scarves.

    I came across one of her videos that was a “hack” and she complained how gate agents are nothing but mean to FAs and give them a hard time. She even has at least one video where her uniform is unbuttoned and she’s showing her t!ts.

    Normally I wouldn’t care but she was giving false information and talking badly about people in my work group when we get treated, sometimes, badly by everybody from paxs to management and even flight crews.

    When people hear something that benefits them on the internet, they want it to be true so when they come to me and I am telling them the opposite it makes people even more argumentative because they heard it from an “employee.” Even if she was an employee, FAs don’t know half the rules us gate agents have to follow.

    I tried to look up her name to report her to the ethics line and she was not an employee.

    And most of the time first class is full so even if FAs were willing to hear the complaints from paxs who were next on the list but didn’t get it(cause they watch things like a hawk when it comes to possibly getting an upgrade even if they’re number 40 on the list) for a dumb gift card, the seat won’t even be available. So that person who came with a gift card wasted their money.

  32. This is great – let her tell her tales. The people who are smart enough to recognize she’s a fraud and a moron are safe and have nothing to worry about.. The people who are dumb enough to believe her are the ones harmed, and that’s okay. Dumb people should be punished.

  33. Instead of call this woman “spicy” , maybe scammy, or skanky would be a better description.
    I love all the comments that people have left about small token gifts and gift cards “just to be nice”, or “to be a bright spot”. How kind and, I’m sure very appreciated by the recipient!
    But really, bringing a gift for FA to get free drinks, or to recieve a better seat is just awful. Since the alcohol and seat don’t even belong to her, it is not the FA’s to GIVE away!

  34. So I’m clear on this – is it OK to give small gifts to FAs? What gifts do you think are most appreciated?

  35. Zero respect for your page, Gary. You know this girl is no longer a flight attendant and posts false information. This makes the public think we can give upgrades, which we can’t. Those days are long gone with the development of cell phones and apps so customers can track where they are on the upgrade list. She makes our profession appear cheap and unprofessional.

    Please stop posting this garbage. You need to verify your information before posting anything. You are becoming like a gossip rag mag.

  36. I normally fly first class and always bring gifts for the flight attendants. Not for any incentive, but because I appreciate the work that they do

  37. Flight attendants really love when I give them, Amazon cards, because they’re truly a gift, and they can buy whatever they need. One flight attendant graciously confided that she gives them away because she doesn’t purchase from Starbucks.

  38. She’s an attention seeking *#”_: who was fired years ago. Please stop feeding her ego. She flew on little regional planes and nobody cares about her made-up stories.

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