Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Teaches Delayed Passengers How to Use the Lavatory

Passengers on a delayed Spirit Airlines flight departing Chicago O’Hare last month — sitting on the ground with inoperative air conditioning, presumably no working auxiliary power unit, “babies are crying, everyone is moody” — were treated to a flight attendant dropping some serious life advice.

He tells passengers that some of them will need to flush toilet in the lavatory twice. He tells them to be considerate of nearby passengers trying to sleep so to close the lav door quietly.

And he asks passengers to share their codine, lithium, quaaludes, and other drugs with their seat opponent — but if it’s a child sitting next to them “do a moral inventory, or just do like my mom used to, she broke it in half and gave it to me.”

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The flight attendant declares proudly that Spirit is the best at being the worst. Although now that they participate in TSA PreCheck, are adding inflight wifi, and since they sell ‘the big front seat’ super cheap that may not even be true anymore.

“A lot of times people like to stand here and stretch their legs because we have no leg space,” he says, gesturing to the area at the front of the plane. “You got to leave. Nothing personal, just leave,” he says.

…He also demonstrates how to close the door so it doesn’t make a loud noise and wake up the sleeping babies on board.

“Do it for the children. Because we are the world. We are the children,” he quips, referencing the ’80s song.

He then decides to poke fun at his employer for their less than stellar customer service record, telling passengers there’s probably no point in using the call button.

“Just recently we have been rated once again as the worst airline for customer service in the United States, so I wouldn’t bother pushing that button,” he says.

Here’s the video:

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  1. One of the reasons I don’t like Lion South last are the jokes even though they’re usually pretty funny… I applaud this guy for owning Spirits terrible customer service and flight experience… it’s honest and refreshing

  2. I’ve heard some fun schtick from crew over the years but this guy is naturally hilarious!
    He’s in the wrong job!
    He should be on the stage!

  3. HAHA. Great spiel from the FA. I bought the big front seats once. They were cheap and a great deal! Almost first class.

  4. Leave it to Spirit. Share your drugs. Must be Spirit hires ex-con drug addicts emboldening other ex-cons to feloniously give drugs to others.

    Next we will learn that Spirit pilots are also junkies.

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