Successful Lawsuits Against Airlines for Failing to Board Your Kosher Meal, Not Letting You Sell Miles and More

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  1. Suffice it to say the loyalty guy hasn’t been doing any consulting with US airlines. I think they embrace literally zero of the concepts he puts forth. You think Dougie gives a whit about the AA customer 5 years from now, let alone 25?

    In fact, I’d suggest his whole premise that loyalty is a long term game is embraced by zero in today’s business environment. CMO’s last on average a year. His article seems quaint. Anything farther out than a couple of quarters, we’ll deal with when we get there. This guy does not seem very current.

  2. Wheelchairs aren’t exactly a fast track way through security. If you’ve ever had to deal with it, it’s a huge pain. There often aren’t enough people to push you from ticketing to the gate, so you’re stuck waiting. If you can’t walk through the metal detector, that’s even more time.

    If you want to get to the front of the line, there are much better ways to do it.

  3. I’ve noticed goofy driver routing on Uber/Lyft recently and was wondering why a driver would purposely go out of the way when it is a flat rate. So now that makes sense but the bigger question to me is how have some tech boi’s in Silicon Valley being outsmarted by a group of lowly drivers? Would think this would be pretty easy to weed this out (ie give them one warning per week and then either suspend account or cut rate back down.

  4. Last month I requested an Asian Vegetable meal on my UA HNL-SFO flight in F. FA came around to ask me about it, laughed at my choice and asked me if I really wanted it. I told her yes, I had requested it on purpose, to try something different. They then brought me the same meal as everyone else but had a different granola bar and a piece of paper labeled ‘special meal’ with my name on it. Every time I think UA will be different I’m disappointed…

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