Supermodel Has Sex Inflight, Complains to Flight Attendant About Passenger Watching

The Mile High Club turns 100 in November. Apparently the inventor of the auto-pilot claimed to be the first member in 1916.

[I]n late November 1916, while piloting a Curtiss Flying Boat C‑2 some 500 feet above the coast of Long Island, he used his instrument to administer a novel kind of flying lesson to one Cynthia Polk (whose husband was driving an ambulance in war-torn France). During their airborne antics, however, the two unwittingly managed to bump and disengage the autopilot, sending their plane into Great South Bay, where they were rescued, both stark naked, by duck hunters.

Last year passengers on a Norwegian Air flight joining the mile high club were mocked over the inflight loudspeaker. They were mocked in Swedish, and they didn’t speak Swedish. Those lavatories are small. And the ultra-low cost carrier didn’t even charge them an ancillary fee.

There’s an airline which sells the mile high experience. But where’s the danger in that? They take you up in the air on a private flight and leave you be.

The Qantas inflight entertainment system used to offer sex instruction.

Elizabeth Hurley was caught trying to join the mile high club in British Airways first class. This was 2003, before ‘New First’, the cabins really weren’t very private.

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle also flashed her breasts and tried to climb into bed with a male stranger on a British Airways first class flight to Los Angeles in 2005.

Not to be outdone, Virgin Atlantic claimed they were having to replace baby changing tables as a result of passengers trying to join the mile high club.

But it’s the lack of privacy in most cabins that is the reason the mile high club traditionally involves excusing oneself to the airplane lavatory. In most cases there’s nothing sexy at all about that.

Although better international airlines also have better lavatories.

Emirates A380 First Class Spa Shower Suite

Qatar Airways A380 First Class Lavatory

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Lavatory

If you’re going to have sex in your seat, you can’t really complain when other passengers watch. That’s a lesson model-actress Cara Delevingne apparently needs to learn.

“I’ve had sex in planes a lot,” Cara boasted. “But I’ve always been caught. It’s super-hard not to get caught.”

One raunchy encounter drew the attention of a fellow traveller, and when the man refused to look away, Cara called on a flight attendant to complain.

“I had sex in the chair on the plane and there was a guy watching. We ended up telling the air stewardess what was happening,” she recalled. “Like, ‘This guy keeps staring at us. Can you tell him to stop?'”

Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Copyright buzzfuss / 123RF Stock Photo

The 23 year old is reportedly in a long-term relationship with singer Annie Clark aka St. Vincent. She didn’t share when these incidents took place, so it’s difficult to identify the counterparty. For instance, she’s been linked to One Direction singer Harry Styles and to actress Michelle Rodriguez in the past.

If a world famous supermodel is having sex in the seat next to me, I’m going to do my best to look away. It’s awkward, and that’s on her. But the notion that she’s copping to having sex on a commercial flight and wants the flight attendant to help secure her privacy is truly beyond the pale, don’t you think?

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  1. “If a world famous supermodel is having sex in the seat next to me, I’m going to do my best to look away.”

    I’m going to whip out my phone and sell the footage to tabloids.

  2. I’m calling Shenanigans. You’re not looking away.

    I’m not looking away.

    A gay guy probably wouldn’t look away.

    The 83 year old guy who sat next to me at the bar the other night, and talked way too much, damn sure wouldn’t have looked away.

    Shenanigans, sir. Shenanigans.

  3. “If a world famous supermodel is having sex in the seat next to me, I’m going to do my best to look away.”

    Sure ya are, buddy. That face in the Qatar bathroom says “I’m not looking!!”

  4. Would 500 feet above the coast be considered part of the “MILE high club” ? It always amazes me when people fly they seem to think normal laws don’t apply.

  5. Our fearless thought leader ought to have fewer prurient thoughts and more thoughts about proofreading. “Inventory” of the auto-pilot indeed.

    And yes, you’d look, even if pretending not to.

  6. Funny though that Cara Delevingne is a 100% liar. She doesn’t even know how to have sex, let alone claiming to have had “sex on a plane” with someone watching. Supermodels age fast—that she’s knows more.

  7. Gary, as your grandfather would have said, “She has chutzpah.”

    But seriously, nobody believes you’d be looking away, especially if it was 2 girls…

  8. I was so scared that was going to be a picture of Gary with a selfie having sex with some inanimate object in the lavatory .

    I’d not only watch, I’d have some clever retort.

  9. This is a supermodel thing? ( not that I’ve ever heard of this “world famous” one). Maybe Gerry Hall and new hubby Rupert Murdoch can join the club. I WOULD watch that.

  10. What noone here realises is that the milr high club only works in an unpressurised plane. Its all about the lower pressure up there and in there where it matters. Must i explain fully? Otherwise its just normal if uncomfortable….

  11. I would grab my Nikon and zoom in for some close up shots. There is no expectation of privacy on an aircraft, possibly with the exception of suites class A380 and Etihad apartments.

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