SWISS First Class for $430 (Obscure Route) and More

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  1. Well hold on. MIT’s analysis didn’t “Turn out to be very wrong.” You linked an article from Uber refuting it. Of course they’re going to refute it. They might be right, MIT might be right. But it’s hardly definitive to say that the company being criticized didn’t agree

  2. Sounds like Mother Nature agrees with many of us about the shoddy condition of LGA. I suppose they can turn this into some form of budget savings in the demolition budget 😉

    In all seriousness, I hope no one was injured.

  3. RE: Uber

    Gary, I agree with the first reply in the link. Why is Uber PR using the survey data to prove their point rather than the 100% accurate internal numbers they have?

    If the internal numbers had a more favorable story, they would be showing those off.

  4. Why is it “study turns out to be very wrong” and not “Uber claims study is very wrong”. I cant imagine you using the same wording if it was an airline…

  5. @Sco – because of the content of the piece. It doesn’t matter who published it. Why does Uber pointing out the methodological flaws somehow negate those flaws?

  6. @Gary,

    Because Uber’s entre argument is misleading. These MIT folks are using flawed data because their best guess at a hugely important question: is Uber driving our neighbors into poverty..Rather than answer that question and charge Uber linked to some other flawed study…………..rather than admitting that they are actually a terrible bargain for their employees, as a wide number of studies across different disciplines suggest.

    Eye on the ball Gary. Spiking US poverty will be bad for ur blog.

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