Thailand Approves Re-Opening Of Holiday Destinations To Vaccinated Travelers (But Wait To Book)

Thailand has approved the re-opening of Phuket starting in July for visitors who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, provided that 70% of its population is also vaccinated. And “[b]y the fourth quarter, the quarantine waiver is expected to be implemented in five holiday destinations..”

Don’t go planning July travel to Phuket just yet. This is a framework for re-opening, but the vaccination of local residents requirement creates a strong possibility that the date on which vaccinated travelers will not have to quarantine on arrival will get pushed back.

Westin Siray Bay, Phuket

The country’s major vaccination push for its own citizens isn’t set to begin until June, though Phuket will likely be out ahead of this as they are procuring vaccine doses separately.

Starting in April the required 14 day hotel quarantine is reduced from 14 days to 7 days for vaccinated travelers coming to Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Phang Nga and Krabi,

This is all real progress in that THailand is using vaccination as a way to re-open, albeit with conditions, and at least resort destinations are expected to be fully open this year. The entire country could be open as well provided that the nation’s vaccination campaign proceeds as expected. They have purchase orders for slightly more doses of AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines than people in he country currently, but two-dose regimens mean they’ll need additional doses still.

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  1. I was just in Phuket last week. Pretty much a ghost town compared to normal although there is a fair amount of Thai people who are taking advantage of low hotel rates and showing up on the weekend.

  2. Great. The sooner we get back to safe travel via vaccine, the sooner our economies and overall health will be restored to some semblance of normalcy.

  3. I hope so! I already bought tickets for Bali and Thailand for late September and praying things open back up by then.

  4. Thailand changes its position on vaccines and quarantines for travelers about every week. A Thai who got a vaccine died a week later. Almost certainly unrelated to the vaccine, still might impact willingness to get vaccinated.

  5. The vaccines do not make one immune to Covid 19 or guarantee that a traveler cannot infect another. The single possible positive result of inoculation is less severe disease if infection occurs. However, those with acquired immunity through having been naturally infected can be tested for antibodies, which at least for a time, are protective and likely prevent transmission. Travel restrictions based only on vaccine status rather than antibody status is sure to prevent many who could safely travel to any nation from doing so.

  6. “Starting in April the required 14 day hotel quarantine is reduced from 14 days to 7 days for vaccinated travelers coming to Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Phang Nga and Krabi.”
    Sorry, but you are reporting rumors as facts. There has been no official reduction of quarantine to 7 days, and, even when there is an official reduction, it likely will be limited to citizens of certain low risk countries (which will not include the USA).
    Currently, it is anticipated that quarantine may — not “will,” but “may” — be reduced to ten (10) days for those who are fully vaccinated and who are not from countries with “new variants” of COVID-19 (whatever that means)

  7. @kristerfer no, but the vaccines are pretty damn good. Like really good. We have to do something to let things get back to normal and get on with life again. Go ahead and buy some N95’s to wear out. I’m vaccinated and I’m living my life as normal again. You should too.

  8. Their economy is bleeding, the country needs money any which way it can to support the lifestyle of their god king and his female entourage in Germany.

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