The Dark Side Of The Flight Attendant Lifestyle

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  1. RE: 5 health violations at Priority Pass lounge DCA. Those violations didn’t look too bad. I’ll take that over whatever is going on over at The Club BWI. It was pretty nasty the last time I was there.

  2. Those anti-Boeing sign guys also decided to call the Clemson quarterback a woman and show him wearing make-up just because he has long hair. Keep it classy, Mobile!

  3. LMAO at the “Dark Side of being a flight attendant.” That article was clearly influenced by Union trolls with the support of the jaded and spoiled 60 y/o senior crew members who find the job so terrifying and awful. Why even give it a place here, Gary.

  4. I manage a large call center – none of the people on the phone are allowed to show their emotions during the day either.

    If you don’t like your FA job, come and work for me. You are allowed to come in hungover. Should be a treat.

  5. 113 facts about DIA missed:
    It has the worst TSA presence anywhere in the USA, and
    It is an isolated shole that costs a fortune to get to. The best thing that happened was when the head fell off the horse statue and killed the sculpture (sometimes the karma bus goes fast..)
    No, I don’;t like DIA

  6. On the flight attendant lifestyle…
    I am sure a lot of jobs aren’t what they’re cracked up to be and everyone has bad experiences at work. I’m not unsympathetic to work stresses which most definitely aren’t pay dependent.
    That said, I can say with some certainty after 49 years in the workforce that there are times when sometimes you just have to quit to save your life or your sanity. It’s hard in the moment but appreciated later. We should never forget that.

  7. Mobile Mardi Gras actually predates the New Orleans version and the Comic Cowboys (aka Alabama’s id )go back to the 19th century. They’re gross, vulgar, and on rare occasions quite funny even though they’re toned it down in recent years at the request of Mardi Gras organizers.

  8. Yeah I worked in hotels for many years in various functions. We were quite hard drinking when we were younger. Used to come home at weird hours, and missed many family & friends events.
    Ultimately its up to the individual to say stop. Left hotels 6 years back, and now I finally have a life.

  9. RE: Charlotte’s 2nd airport. Looking at the air park from a satellite view, not sure how old the image is but there’s some cracks in that runway

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