The New Qatar Airways Coronavirus Ticket Change Policy Is How It’s Done

Qatar Airways just announced a new flexible travel policy for travel through June 30.

  • It applies to existing, already-purchased tickets and not just new purchases
  • Change fees are waived for travel reservations through June 30
  • Make the change up until 3 days prior to travel
  • If you don’t have dates to rebook for, receive a travel voucher valid for one year (you’re not limited to traveling within a year of original purchase date on the ticket)

We’re well past where it makes sense to offer flexibility only to new ticket purchases.

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  1. @ Gary — Nice. I hope Delta is as generous when I call them this afternoon. My mother refuses to see us on our trip to see her next week. She told me this in the same conversation where she told me she had just come from bible study. My sister also refuses to see us, and she works in a public school. Zero logic here from two very intelligent people.

  2. Was such an easy process with Qatar. Cancelled a ticket and got a voucher in less than a 3-minute phone call.

  3. Now if Cathay Pacific would do this it would be awesome. Instead, they cancel flights and routes, refuse refunds without a penalty and when you change dates they charge the fare difference which is considerable.

  4. As a consumer, it can be wonderful to deal with a company that doesn’t have to worry about how much money they are losing.

  5. It’s sad that people – like my daughter – who purchased their tickets early and had their event cancelled by local health authorities in Seattle who are currently battling an outbreak of Covid-19, have no recourse when they want to change their travel dates, let alone requests a refund from Alaska and American. Just sad.

  6. False advertising, unfortunately. Spent 30 minutes on the phone with QR. Agent refused to make any changes, issue vouchers, or refunds… for a biz class ticket from Asia to Italy, purchased directly from QR, well within the subject period, and purchased several months ago. Every stipulated criteria met.

    QR is perhaps the best airline whilst in the air… and I repeatedly find amongst the absolute worst whilst on the ground.

  7. What about the rest of us who have booked flights in July ? . How is it fair the cut off dats is in June. The policy should extend to all passengers who have booked to travel this year. Our money our choice if we want to get on that plane.

  8. This is false advertisement. I had applied for refund thru their web site as asked by the customer representative. It is been already 7 days. Not even a confirmation email yet. No voucher yet.

  9. False Advertising by Qatar – Just had to pay a ‘Penalty’ charge for Qatar Airways for changing my flight which is still within their dates of June 30th.

  10. You cant use the voucher online you have to do it through the call centre where prices are hundreds of euros higher…scam!!!

  11. This is ridiculous. I just cancelled my flight with Swiss and I got a full refund, Qatar tries to lock you into flying with them, effectively holding your money hostage and this article gives that behavior a thumbs up? The author has less honor than a 5$ hooker.

  12. Apparently Qatar airlines are prepared to offer a credit for the flight cancelled due to the corona virus for travel for one year from original booking date however I do not wish to have a credit. Is the airline obliged to give full credit for the ticket paid without and cancellation fee ?

  13. They say it is free but it is a scam!!! Had to pay 150 Euro’s because of “fare difference” but i checked the website fares and it was exactly the same on the original date as the change date. Shame you Qatar air!

  14. I was supposed to travel on the 24th on Qatar Airways but the second leg of my trip was cancelled, so I couldn’t go. I tried to phone on the 800 USA number but no answer. I tried to go to their site, everything was so slow till I gave up. I ended up traveling with Ethiopian Airlines.

  15. My wife was due to fly with Qatar Airways in July 2020 and has received a credit that has to be used by April 4, 2021.
    Flying at the same time in July 2021 is what she wants as it’s for a special annual event.
    Will Qatar Airway contemplate an extension on the credit or apply change fees?

  16. Few days back due to the cancellation of my flight, I applied for voucher. They have just sent me a voucher of 100USD. The original price of ticket which I bougt directly from QR was 760 Euro. Its scam and false statements still can be seen on QR website. I am very disappointed

  17. I agree with the above comments on this being false advertisement on behalf of Qatar. I was charged a flight change fee and difference despite this policy in place. I paid 700$ on my return flight alone as I was already stuck in another country during this pandemic. My original ticket had costed a total of 750$ So including the extra 700$ on my return ticket (almost the same as my original ticket) i had to pay 1400 in total. Being pregnant in my late second trimester I had to return home immediately during this pandemic in late March and Qatar’s response initially was that I should’ve stayed stuck in another country and only then would have received a refund (can you believe it??) and then they said they won’t refund the flight difference or change fee because I made the change online. (Nowhere does it say that this policy doesn’t apply to online changes.) I’m sure they will come up with a million more reasons to not issue the refund although it clearly fell under this ‘flexible policy’. I shouldn’t have trusted Qatar to uphold its policy. What a scam.

  18. Good day I want to re-book my ticket I am stock in Nepal. My return flight suppose to be on March 03,2020. Flight QR 653

  19. Bought a ticket from Qatar Airways thru just fly. Which has become a regret of a lifetime. Just fly canceled the august travel ticket all without my knowledge.called Qatar Airways was told to call just fly called just fly got a run around. No idea who iam talking to which part of the world cant understand the accent either. Seems like they forcing me to get a 500 refund for a 4000 dollars business class ticket i paid. Where do i call who do i speak too left stranded here if i call just fly to choose a travel date in told Qatar is not flying if i go to qatar website i see that they have availability they are flying to my destination at the times dates i am trying to travel

  20. I was suppose to travel on 6 March due to covit , pandemic my agent canceled the flight , now in September I want to travel they say my ticket is expired on June 30 / I have the right not travel in pandemic take a risk now it’s better so I want to travel what to do help me I am 68yr old

  21. My wife cashed her Qatar credits recently and lost very little of the $1800 paid. She requested the cash and it was in her account four days later.

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