The Passengers On This Southwest Flight Decorated The Plane To Celebrate A Crewmember’s Retirement

On Monday passengers got into the act, joining other crewmembers, in making a Southwest Airlines flight attendant’s last trip before retirement special.

On the last flight this crewmember was scheduled to work, the “other flight attendants had her hide and literally everyone on the plane helped decorate” the aircraft to celebrate while she wasn’t looking.

Inflight retirements can be celebratory and even

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  1. Sooo…. who’s going to be the first one to make this political? Probably the usual suspects.

  2. Say what you will, Southwest owns the ‘friendly skies’. I recall how, while travelling in uniform some years ago on a ~5 am flight, a Southwest FA sat down next to me to talk about military deployment. They are #1 in hospitality among US air carriers.

  3. I’d love to start my day with a story like this every morning! Wish I could fly SW but the lack of assigned seats and no first class doesn’t work for me. Always fly them on the short hops, tho. Thanks for posting this mood lifter … we all NEED it!!

  4. While this is a feel good story in 30 years of traveling i have never set foot on Southwest, and god willing one day i will go to my grave content in never having had the experience.

  5. The best! Another reason I love SW and have been flying with them for years, week in and week out. We’ve celebrated kid’s birthdays, passenger retirements – had violin solos – just the best! Great teams on each flight!

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