The Unbelievable Pringles Challenge: Sleeping Passenger’s Hilarious Mid-Flight Snack!

Passengers took video of a man sleeping in a plane’s middle seat. His mouth is open. And the aisle seat passenger is sticking Pringles potato chips in his mouth, one after another after another. The Pringles stay in his mouth and the man doesn’t wake up, while people around him strain to prevent themselves from busting a gut laughing, which might wake him.

It looks like this happened on easyJet, based on the seat and also they stock Pringles. Those are a common airline snack, of course. However several years ago the U.K.’s Prime Minister was spotted eating Pringles on an easyJet flight. They’re really quite delicious!

During the pandemic while masks were required inflight a man nursed a can of Pringles over several hours so he wouldn’t need to wear one, since you could take off your mask while eating.

The laughing in the video of a man having Pringles stuffed into his mouth on a flight seems genuine enough, otherwise I’d think it was clearly staged? It’s a pretty good prank, since it’s largely harmless, plus the passenger gets Pringles! Although it’s also likely to make a bit of a mess, and airlines don’t do much cleaning between flights so that mess is likely to persist across the plane’s flights the rest of the day. Hopefully they picked up after themselves when the man woke up.

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  1. @Gary. I have a different perspective. This is not a harmless prank, it’s incredibly stupid. Can you spell “choking”?

  2. I’m guessing this is staged. 99% of the time somebody dies something crazy on a flight and somebody films it, it’s staged.

  3. I’m glad it was a staged prank. If it was real, it could have ended up with the person choking and probably legally would be considered battery. I actually find nothing funny about it.

  4. Sick.

    Next time, the joke will be to put a cyanide capsule in an open mouth.

    The man who ate slowly to avoid a mask is stupid….using a legalistic excuse.

  5. Stupid joke but as long as they knew the guy personally I can brush it off as just that. If I was was sleeping on a flight and strangers did that to me I might react very, very violently if awakened suddenly in a similar circumstance.

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