The War on Water Takes Another Casualty: Chinese Aphrodesiac Wine Edition

Two men were apparently stopped at the Guangzhou airport’s security checkpoint, seeking to bring through a tiger sculpture.

It was filled with ‘aphrodesiac wine’ costing 8000 Chinese yuan (~ US$1300). More than 3 ounces, apparently.

They didn’t have time to check the wine-filled tiger. So they decided to become the sexiest men at the airport on the spot, drinking all the wine.

“Little girl, it’s good stuff inside. It’s aphrodisiac wine that was bought from my buddy’s hometown. You know, it’s very very expensive,” Wang said. “It cost us a good 8,000 yuan. Smell it…feel the aroma.”

The men were threatened that drunk passengers wouldn’t be allowed to board. They assured they can ‘drink like a fish’, however.

No word on their seatmates reaction… when they presumably had to get up to use the lavatory several times throughout the flight.

This story concerns me on several levels.

  • There’s such a thing as aphrodesiac wine, other than.. you know.. just being drunk?
  • It costs $1200, and comes in a tiger?
  • How would you know that it’s real without testing it?
  • Would you believe the person selling it to you if they said they were attracted to you, after you had tested it?
  • Why would you drink it all at the airport before getting on a metal tube?

There are many unanswered questions here.

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  1. 1) We all know that “candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker”

    2) Good booze in China is expensive. Some bottles of top quality (if there is such a thing) baijou can cost in excess of $1000. It comes in a tiger because the tiger represents power.

    3) Hell no. Unless she wanted to jump into bed with me and prove how much she is attracted to me.

    4) It is better to piss it away than to simply toss it.

  2. I’ve got another question. How would they get drunk from 3 ounces of wine between two people? Talk about a cheap date.

  3. @Christian, not sure we know how many ounces it was…all we know is it was more than 3 ounces.

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