Complete Guide to the EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet Experience

EVA Air ran Hello Kitty flights from 2005 through 2008, and brought them back in 2011. They’ve been running Hello Kitty flights ever since, and current Hello Kitty routes have some of the highest load factors in their system (around 85%).

eva air hello kitty jets

Of course they make smart business decisions about the routes, and while the Hello Kitty livery draws some passengers it’s clearly planes they’re filling and drawing enough revenue that justifies the expense of the onboard product. For instance, one of their Los Angeles flights had been operated with Hello Kitty aircraft but no longer is.

The Hello Kitty Fleet

Here are the current Hello Kitty routes:

eva air hello kitty jets

There are a total of (7) Hello Kitty planes currently:

  • (3) Airbus A330-300s
  • (2) Airbus A330-200s
  • (2) Boeing 777-300ERs

Which Hello Kitty Planes Fly Where?

eva air hello kitty jets

Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet is a Boeing 777-300ER. It features “Texas-sized” characters for its livery:

[S]tarting at the nose with Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala, flying through the skies
with their pet teddy bear while Hello Kitty and My Melody happily ride along on their own

This flies Houston – Taipei – Singapore.

Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand Jet is a Boeing 777-300ER. It’s painted with 19 characters of including Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.

The plane used to fly Los Angeles-Taipei three days a week, and has since moved to Taipei – Paris.

Hello Kitty Apple Jet is an Airbus A330 with Hello Kitty and red and green apples. It flies Taipei – Seoul (BR159/160) and Taipei – Fukuoka (BR105/106)

Hello Kitty Global Jet is an Airbus A330 with Hello Kitty characters and travel destinations,
alternates with the Magic Jet aircraft on daily flights between Taipei Songshan and Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport (BR189/191 and BR190/BR192) and also between Taipei Songshan and Shanghai Hongqiao (BR771/772).

Hello Kitty Magic Jet is an Airbus A330 with Hello Kitty and magic stars. It alternates with Hello Kiity Global Jet on daily flights between Taipei Songshan and Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport (BR189/191 and BR190/BR192 and also between Taipei Songshan and Shanghai Hongqiao (BR771/772).

Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet is an Airbus A330 featuring Hello Kitty characters and musical notes and operates between Taipei Taoyuan and Chitose (Sapporo), Japan (BR115/116) as well as Taipei Taoyuan and Guam on Tuesday and Saturday (BR/1920). It occasionally flies to Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and elsewhere in Asia.

Hello Kitty Speed Puff Jet is an Airbus A330 with Hello Kitty characters and fast-moving
clouds, operating between Taipei Taoyuan and Tokyo Narita (BR197/198) and between Taipei Taoyuan and Hong Kong (BR857/858).

Special Amenities and Experience

There’s a dedicated Hello Kitty self-check-in area in Taipei. Passengers receive Hello Kitty boarding passes and baggage tags. Seats have Hello Kitty headrest covers, tissues, paper cups, utensils, milk bottles, snacks, handwashing liquid, hand lotion, meals and ice cream. And more. Like Hello Kitty toilet paper.

Flight attendants wear Hello Kitty aprons. They take star molds and individually craft pats of butter to be part of the Hello Kitty motif with meals. Hello Kitty is a part of meal service.

Hello Kitty is in the entertainment system. It’s on the pillows. It’s in the lavatories. There’s tremendous and painstaking attention to Hello Kitty Detail.

But What About the Inflight Product?

I’ve only been aboard an EVA Air long haul Hello Kitty 777. In that plane:

  • Economy has 33 inch pitch (that’s two more inches of legroom than most US airlines offer) and seating is nine across, 3-3-3, means they squeeze one fewer seat into each row.

  • Premium economy is eight across, and has the kind of legroom you see in domestic first class. There are footrests and double-sized armrests between seats. Meal service is upgraded.

  • Business class is one of the best in the sky, four across all-aisle access reverse herringbone fully flat beds. They offer pre-order meal service and currently serve Krug champange.

About Hello Kitty

I learned more about Hello Kitty than I’ve ever known before. Previously my only sense was that she’s either a little girl or a cat, and that some kids and women go crazy for her.

Hello Kitty’s actual name is Kitty White. Her birthday is November 1, but even though she has a birthday she never gets older. She was introduced in Japan in 1974, so she and I are around the same age, only we’re not.

She’s “as tall as 5 apples” and “weighs the same as 3 apples.” Her favorite food is “Mama’s apple pie.”

Hello Kitty has a boyfriend. I didn’t know this. I’m not sure whether ‘Daniel’ is lucky to be dating an international superstar or the most long-suffering character in the world.

Hello Kitty has an identical twin sister Mimmy who bakes cookies. Hello Kitty’s bow rests over her left ear. Mimmy’s bow rests over her right ear. Signaling. There’s a Hello Kitty co-brand deal with Beats by Dre. That frightens me a little.

Here’s a handy guide to Hello Kitty’s family and friends. You can click to enlarge:

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  1. Well done Gary! I certainly could have expected this kind of detailed info from “Lucky” (Ben Schlappig) who we all know is a big fan of Hello Kitty, but from you, nah?? So, I am pleasantly surprised to read all this amazing Hello Kitty info on your blog, thanks! I now feel I can answer almost any question regarding this adorable fun little character. Besides, I have a niece who loves Hello Kitty and after the new service launch from IAH, I guess I see myself flying the route in the near future!

  2. Great post, appreciate all the detail. I never knew they put so much into the Hello Kitty plane. My daughter would love this!

  3. Thanks, Gary, and well done!

    My daughter, a recent college grad, is heading to SE Asia for a year of teaching. She’s both excited and apprehensive. Because I am the travel guru of the family, she has asked me to book her flight. When the time comes I’m putting her on EVA– what better way for a young woman (who likes cutsey-ness) to begin her trip?

  4. Echoing a previous poster, I thought Lucky had dibs on all things Hello Kitty?! or did he cede his rights for failing to appear at the Houston press junket?

  5. Saw one of the “Hello Kitty” A330,s in BNE on Fri 11/3/16. Great looking aircraft. Nice move EVA.

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