The Woman Who Earned Elite Status And Upgrades Attending Trump Rallies

This was travel in 2020: elite business travelers were so rare, Silver Medallions were getting last minute upgrades on board prior to push back:

While most Americans only occasionally left their homes, the pandemic proved a blessing for Kiczenski’s Trump travel plans. She bought cheap airfare, repeatedly basked in the extravagance of an airplane aisle all to herself and logged more flights in 2020 than at any other point in her life. She attended 25 Trump rallies, boosting her total to 56.

She spent 79 nights of the year away from her bed. Kiczenski traveled so often during the pandemic that a Delta flight attendant thanked her for being a Silver Medallion member and upgraded her to first class; she initially assumed it was a mistake.

The Trump campaign itself offered elite status in 2016, and again in 2020. 2016’s version even offered a triple qualifying dollars promotion.

Newly minted elites during the pandemic, who found it cheaper than ever to traverse the country, also hosted a gathering in Washington, DC on January 6th.

(HT: A semi-regular commenter here who can choose to identify himself, or not.)

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  1. This article is sure to get tons of political responses. Personally, I cannot understand anyone that would even support Trump, let alone spend money to go to tons of his rallies. Not for me for sure.

  2. All cults led by narcissists. Harmful cults are led by abusive narcissists. They lie and believe their lies; whoever contradicts the lies will pay the consequences. They believe they are always victims and are treated unfairly. They consider their opponents to be evil. In their mind they are never wrong and never apologize; they will only rectify what they said if it will earn them power. They consider themselves above the law. They manipulate the hearts and minds of their enablers and create a group of unconditional fans or codependents.

  3. If you’re in business or a consumer and you haven’t experienced the inflationary impact of the current admins policy, everything from gas to groceries, property developers with input costs of materials through the roof, then you aren’t observant. Miss paying $2 a gallon under the previous administration. Feel for all the pipeline workers that lost their jobs. Russia is over the moon selling into Europa.

  4. @Andrew, I think all of that is true but at the same time I think there’s a lot of people who support the Democratic Party out of genuine concern for their fellow Americans.

  5. And once more, Gary feels the need to bait his readers into ugly, insulting, back-and-forth comments on his blog. But I guess it is a business model.

    Don’t take the bait, people, I would love to be proven wrong 🙂

  6. @Thing 1

    What a great opportunity for me to talk about my thing 1, if you know what I mean hehe. I’ve got 4 soft and 6 hard inches. I shave monthly.

  7. @P Ness- impressive. The guys I’ve been with top out around 3 hard, and they bust in under the same number of minutes.

  8. @Gina, I’m actually in V.A. right now if you want to rendezvous. How close are you to the Ramada by Wyndham Dulles Airport?

  9. @P Ness, shut the front door! I’m in room 509 of that exact property! Call me from your room phone and then get your ass in here!

  10. Gary if you really want to be impartial, how about an article about people earning Elite Status And Upgrades Attending BLM riots and looting? Those were earned free, paid by the likes of Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Otherwise, please rename your website to “View from the LEFT wing”.

  11. I would have died laughing seeing a Silver member pulling a “do you know who I am!?” and actually getting a flight attendant to comply because of their lofty credentials

  12. LeaveCA, spoken like a blatent racist. Yes, racists do travel. And Tim O’Brian, obviously your bank account is more important than the lives of Black and Brown. Your racism speaks volumes about what kind of person u r

  13. @LeaveCA

    like all indoctrinated by the Marxism nonsense, make outrageous erroneous statements.

    Let them all move down to Cuba if that’s what they want. or China, or Russia for more freedom…

    yes my bank account is important to those that benefit from it, brown people.

    i have been happily married to an Indian woman from Fiji for the past 23 years, i guess you would describe her as brown, as we all have to have categories, and therefore our three children must be half brown, or half white, or just have perfect tans? assuming of course i am white?

    i subscribe to the MLK world, we should be color blind, and judge others on the content of their character, not their skin color.

    Cuba Libertad !!

  14. @ Allen Spoken like a true extreme leftist when everything is racist to them when you criticize a part of a group. Liberals are reasonable to talk to and actually engage in debates… not shout you down and call you racist when they are losing in a debate. If you read my statement(that is if you can read) I specifically stated rioters and looters. I am all for peaceful protesting so kudos to those protesters who did not break laws. What happened to GF is unacceptable and the officer that was involved was rightfully charged.

    And yes I am a Brown person, so stop assuming that people of color can’t think on their own and listen to Left’s BS.

  15. @Gary – I rarely say this about your work but this comes across as having no value in either a general interest or miles & points perspective and seems like clickbait.

  16. @ Christian
    It is a clickbait. I remember the time when this website publishes articles that are relevant to the topic. This website has become a left wing propaganda + points/miles.

    Check out Miles to Memories, they actually have tons of helpful advice/travel tips/CC strategy and does not politicize miles and point.

  17. @Christian – no value? It sounded to me that year 2020 is a good year to travel…free upgrades to 1st class, cheaper than ever to travel around the country, etc. but I just might be wrong although that’s what the article stated…

  18. This is what happens when Gary goes trolling for clickbait. Politics and 5th grade boy humor…. Sigh…

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