The Worst Behavior I’ve Ever Seen in a Lounge and Mocking a Passenger Over Breakfast Complaint

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  1. I agree the old man touching the little boys head and then the boys butt. The head alone should be enough to have him arrested. It is an invasion, taking advantage of the young boys youth and size and inexperience. The top of ones head is holy.

  2. I would need a lot more background on this before passing judgement. I might be in a lounge (if it was open) at this time, not because I wanted to be, but because my flights gave me no choice. Did their flights necessitate finding a place to eat at this time of night? They must have paid or had a valid means of entry. I mean, if they paid their way, it is their right. Before judging whether being up late at that time is appropriate, you would need to know why. Interesting that they are all in their pajamas though. As I said, I’d need to know the whole story. Why do you view it as heinous?

  3. @ Drew I agree that touching other people’s children without the express permission of their caretaker is a no-no. Most people don’t know about the head and butt taboo’s though.

    @ LarryInNYC Yes, portait-mode video is an abomination!

  4. @Drew~ “the top of one’s head is holy”. Really? Since when? And who made that absurd pronouncement? Geez Drew, get a life and join 2018!

  5. I’d rather have a granola bar than the plate of grease and fat that’s called an English breakfast

  6. @CoolHandLuke certain sects of Buddhism believe that the head is holy and should not be touched by something as dirty as one’s hands. So maybe some time in the 6th to 4th century BCE. There are probably plenty of other religions that predate Buddhism that also believe so.

  7. @Drew: With your extra chromosome, someone patting you on the head is the least of your worries.

  8. BA need to grow up and offer a healthy fruit plate or similar. A granola bar on a $2.2K flight is a joke. Shame on you BA and shame on your supposed “customer service” response.

  9. Re: the BA response and breakfast – this is so typical of BA now. I’ve had a couple of issues which I did escalate to Customer service via email, and indeed these are now typical answers provided no matter if you have paid $$$ or $ for your ticket or cabin that you have traveled. It has really gone down the sewage these days with their response. Sometimes it is better to not even bother to complain as it just frustrates you further.
    But yes, that Granola bar served is what the pax in Y will get too as the 2nd meal in PE is the same as Economy. It is only the 1st meal which is slightly better with the main dish from J class.

    On a side note, PE class with Air France from meal point is even worst compared to BA even the 1st meal is the same as Y class.

  10. If you can visualize a bag of peanuts as a granola bar without the glue, you can fly First class on SWA for one-tenth the cost of legacy airlines 1st class.

  11. @Drew what are you talking about? I don’t see anyone touching a boys head and rear in that lounge video. Did I miss something?

  12. The part that strikes me as heinous was that awful chant the kids were doing in the lounge (probably at the instigation of an “adult”). NOBODY has any business making that kind of loud racket in a lounge at ANY hour.

  13. I’m generally of the view the adults should be Capable of feeding and watering themselves, and usually point out when I believe you’re being a diva complaining about first class food on 3 your flights … but long haul travel is different.

    Yes, theoretically 4-5 hours after being served a large meal on a six hour flight, a granola bar Should keep you from starving …but it’s also really cheap for Y+. Even a simple ham and cheese sandwich (like LCC Air Berlin used to give all economy pax on 1hr flights) would be much better received.

  14. Why are the adults encouraging those kids to SCREAM and chant at 10:45pm in a quiet lounge?? What the f is wrong with them???

  15. Are we sure that’s a lounge? There looks to be some sort of alcohol shop or maybe a perfume shop inside this lounge. Can’t remember if I’ve ever seen a store inside a lounge. Maybe this is the gate area?

  16. What country was this in? They are clearly not shouting in English. Sounds almost mid eastern. Why were they all in their PJs? Can anyone decipher what they are saying?

  17. Look at her Twitter feed, she was on a cruise. This is just a general lounge on the cruise ship. This is a common thing to do with the kids clubs on cruise ships.

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