New American Airlines 5000 Mile Promotion and a Bonus for Overachieving Top Tier Elites

American Airlines has redesigned the look of the AAdvantage website account page. Similar updates are coming to the mobile app in mid-July.

One element of this new page is a promotions tab. American says they’ll offer the ability not just to see promotional offers but track progress, which would be an improvement. Historically you could register for a promotion and it simply wouldn’t stick if you weren’t targeted.

American says as well that they’re introducing new promotions specific to customers and that they may offer choices for rewards which I take to mean there will be more targeted promotions rather than just broad-based offers.

5000 Mile Partner Promo

Aside from the usual sorts of offers we see in monthly e-statements, the promotions page right now has a new offer for 5000 miles for completing a variety of partner activities.

Register and complete these activities by September 30:

  • Make any purchase through the AAdvantage shopping portal
  • Make a purchase with AAdvantage Dining
  • Book and stay at a hotel via
  • Rent and drive a car at
  • Fly on an American Airlines marketed and operated flight

If you do one of these you get 50 bonus miles, 2 is 250 miles, 3 is 1000 miles, 4 earns 2500, and 5 will receive the full 5000.

New Bonus For Overachieving Executive Platinums

While it’s nothing like the generous 2013 ‘elite rewards’ program for customers continuing to fly after reaching a status tier, American is adding a promotion for Executive Platinums who hit 300,000 elite qualifying miles this year.

There will be a choice of reward:

  • Gift Platinum status to a friend
  • 2 additional systemwide upgrades
  • 40,000 bonus miles

Executive Platinums who continue flying after 100,000 qualifying miles receive two additional systemwide upgrades at 150,000 and 200,000 qualifying miles. There is no 250,000 mile award. However once members hit 200,000 they’ll see a 300,000 mile promotion offer appear in their account.

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  1. 100% bonus miles on any AAdvantage miles purchase would be good. Would bring them in striking distance of their true value too.

  2. Looks like someone at AA recalled the old US Airways’ Grand Slam promotion— and decide to bring back 1/20th of it!

  3. I remember the time I got 100,000 miles for flying 5 OneWorld partners. Now THAT’s a bonus!
    I flew CX MAN-PAR for the last airline!

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