There May Be More Wrong With Those Grounded American Airlines Boeing 737s than Just Overhead Bins

Yesterday I wrote about 14 grounded American Airlines Boeing 737-800s. These are planes that have undergone the ‘Oasis’ modification – to replace interiors with more seats; less comfortable seats; less distance between seats; less recline; no seat back video; and smaller lavatories plus bigger overhead bins.

All of the planes were modified by the same vendor, and American Airlines said there were issues with the overhead bins. Two planes had issues identified, and so they are inspecting all of the planes that were modified at the same facility.

However the issues may be more extensive than first reported. The five Oasis 737s grounded at Dallas Fort-Worth are being ferried to the Tulsa maintenance facility.

When I asked American Airlines whether “there[‘s] any work besides overhead bins being done,” specifically mentioning wiring, I was told “Our team is conducting a full inspection of these 14 aircraft.”

While they’re not confirming specifics, they’re also not claiming the issues are limited to overhead bins.

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  1. There are 679 NON-CERTIFICATED “mechanics” working at the third party vendor’s facility that serviced the planes. There’s no way in hell that one of the mechanics that I represent would sign off on shoddy work like this and put passenger and crew lives in danger!

    We’ve created a public awareness website to educate the public of the dangers of non-certificated workers working on critical components of passenger planes.

    Go to

  2. They cancelled my flight from Chicago to San Francisco last night for Sunday. Sure this was the issue. When you call to charge them the change fee and you sure as hell i will since AA never bends the rules for EXP I was told to just write to them. It’s such a broken system. That’s after an hour wait for Exp line.

  3. The sad thing is unless you follow these Blogs you rarely hear of this type of problem.

  4. My Tampa to DFW flight for this Wednesday was cancelled due to this reason. Had a paid F ticket and the website prompted me to confirm a new flight with a segment in Economy – thanks but no thanks. Went online and saw that there were several F seats available on this segment and had to call EXP line to get them to force a seat in F.


  5. I can’t believe the Board hasn’t fired Doug Parker already…someone has to!

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