There’s a New Largest Airline in Europe

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  1. Just only over 50% of air customers believe air service is bad and getting worse? Surprising such a low number; but 50% of what; total surveyed; from where?

    Is it time to feel sorry for the maligned millennials?

    Amtrak thinks everybody is stupid and gullible to swallow its excuse for killing dining cars east of the Mississippi by blaming millennials who allegedly dislike at mealtime sitting with strangers; yet contrary to Amtrak’s excuse, millennials typically do not even travel in over-priced, under-served sleeping cars. (So much for Amtrak’s Marketing Dept.) Indeed, unlike Baby Boomers, millennials have no idea how the private railroads used to compete on select routes with their fast, All Pullman trains, offering epicurean menus and exquisite food/beverage service.

    Millennials have no memory as do Baby Boomers of how comfortable flight was on a AA 707 Astrojet, or, the culinary experience of flying FC on a TWA 1011 Tristar.

    From my observation as a pure Baby Boomer, I wonder how many Millennials actually seize the opportunity en flight these days to enjoy the solace and read a good book, instead of following their typical act of grabbing their computer to play games or watch movies? Again, look at the experience Millennials have missed…

    For this Baby Boomer, no memory is sweeter than the smell of diesel of a passenger train and its screeching brakes pulling up to the bumper post in a depot; or, the sound of four roaring jet engines of a 707 lifting off. Plus, back then, we had a very adequate number of hot dog stands and delis.

  2. You Know an article and its so called reliable survey calls American the best flying experience in America.And doesn’t even mention Alaska
    You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried

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