There’s How Expert Travelers Pack and Then There’s Jennifer Garner

Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air was such a phenomenal movie for frequent travelers because as a top tier elite and mileage junkie himself he cared about getting so many of the details of life on the road right, and of course because he cast George Clooney in the lead role making airport security and hotel check-ins cool.

This is how we all see ourselves packing and cruising effortlessly through the airport:

Some celebrities fall into the expert traveler category. I think it’s super cool, for instance, that Ellen Degeneres, Melissa Joan Hart, Maria Celeste and Soledad O’Brien follow this blog on social media.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum, with Jennifer Garner sharing how she packs.

She shared a clip of herself on Instagram sitting down and pondering what goes in her luggage, debating between different pairs of sweat pants. She loves her sweat pants, kissing one of the pairs. She finds choosing which to bring “the hardest part of packing.”

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  1. That clip is entertaining due to him still having to print a boarding pass and take off his shoes, laptop out, etc. at security. It would probably be a little more boring cinematically if filmed today.

  2. Always print out your boarding pass! Don’t be one of those idiots using the phone, only to not have a connection or have a notification come up, or have Mom call, “Hi Mom- guess where I am now? Want to talk to the agent? They look mad, just like all the people behind me in line- I wonder why?”…

  3. Why do I feel like this post only existed so celebrity followers could be humblebragged

  4. @George I use my phone 100% of the time and fly 90+ segments a year and have literally never had that happen. Maybe my mom doesn’t love me enough…lol

  5. Sorry, Steve, but if you even fly a small fraction of that number above, you’d constantly see people searching their phones for their boarding passes, struggling to scan their screens, etc.

    Professional fliers like Ryan Bingham? We use paper boarding passes.

  6. Still waiting for someone to print their 2D boarding pass barcode on an inkjet using temporary tatoo paper and just walk on the plane with a wave of their hand.

  7. 5 million EQM’s behind me and 35+ years of flying. Paper, please. Faster and foolproof (usually).

  8. Always gets me that people would answer their phone at the most inopportune times. Let it go to VM. Board (or scan your BP and step aside), call back. Geez people.

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