This Flight Experience is Worse Than the Pay Gap in Women’s Soccer

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  1. Gary, there is a difference in pay because there is a major difference in revenue. As a percentage of total FIFA revenue, the women actually receive MORE money than the men.

  2. @Gary. If you are indeed fully aware of it, then what was the point of the dopey and flat out false headline? Most fans and advertisers don’t give a rat’s ass about women’s soccer. Deal with it.

  3. I do not watch anti-American creeps playing soccer. I was rooting for USA team to lose, while not watching. However, I am sure Nike will give them all mega-bucks and splash their faces everywhere. Yuck.

  4. @UA-NYC. The New York City Fire Department said the blackout yesterday which put 73,000 into darkness was caused by a transformer fire which started at West 64th Street and West End Avenue on the Upper West Side. I have the following questions:
    (1) Were you anywhere near that location? We all know that anti-American communists like you enjoy putting people into darkness.
    (2) Did you vote for anti-American Red de Blasio?
    (3) Is your favorite democratic candidate Bernie the Soviet Sanders?
    (4) Do you have wear a Che Guevara t-shirt on the weekend?
    (5) Do you have a hammer and sickle flag in your bedroom?
    (6) Did you used to wear a Mao peasant hat? Do you have his little red book?
    (6) When did you last trample on the USA flag, like the USA soccer team after they won?
    (7) Do you wear Nike every day all the time because of Kaepernick?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Congrats OJS, your president just threw racist tweets at four elected US officials. Not surprisingly they weren’t white and of Nordic origin. Stay proud and don’t forget your tiki torch.

  6. @Brian: They are not suing FIFA, they are suing US Soccer. Sure, the Women’s World Cup is not as popular as the World Cup (although it may be more popular in the US), but the US Women’s team, being one of the best (currently even, THE best) in the world, generates far more revenue than the mediocre US Men’s team. They want a far share of the revenue — with Men and Women players getting paid a share of how much revenue is generated. It is hard to argue with this, and it has nothing to do with FIFA or the popularity of the sport. A separate issue is that US Soccer does almost nothing to promote the Women’s Soccer league – although perhaps that is going to change now.
    Finally, nobody is forced to watch sports — and Soccer isn’t such an interesting game to many people, and watching sports is kind of a waste of time anyway in my opinion — but rooting for the US team to lose strikes me way more Anti-American than any behavior of the players, who took home the gold for the USA after all.
    When’s the last time you did anything for your country @Other Just Saying?

  7. @UA-NYC. You did not answer my questions? I will simplify it for you. Are you, or are you not an anti-american creep that cheers when people kneel to, trample on, or burn the American flag? To be honest, I think you, and most of the country, know that the answer to that question is “yes”.

    Just admit how much you hate the country. The USA has free speech due to patriotic Americans. Nothing will happen to you. Just glow in the red hatred. Like Freud said, you have to let the hatred out, otherwise it will bottle up and explode. And from Iron Man 3, we know how dangerous exploding people are.

    [Just try not to cause any more blackouts {not saying you did, but you did not deny it; in any case, EVEN you will agree, but no blackouts is a good thing}.]

  8. @Gus. Megan Rapinoe made it clear that she did not take the cup for the American people. She wants to use the platform to protest the American people and get herself higher pay. You can google it and check for your self.

    The anti-American crowd has been the same for years. When George Foreman won the heavy weight division in the Olympics in 1968, he waived the American Flag around because he was proud. He was accused of being an Uncle Tom and many sports writers thought he was hustling the country by waiving the flag. You can pull up interviews of George today, and it is clear he loves the country. It is just as clear, Megan Rapinoe hates this country.

  9. Wow Gary your good and intellectual site is now attracting some fringe right wing extremists…they have really crawled out of their holes post-45.

  10. Wow Gary your good and intellectual site is now attracting some fringe right wing extremists…they have really crawled out of their holes post-45. Sorry man.

  11. @UA-NYC “good and intellectual site”? What a ducking joke!! BTW when your liberal ass trolls people (and remember most on these sites are productive members of society instead of the leeches on the left looking for a handout) don’t be shocked when good Americans take you to task. BTW before you relegate me to knuckle dragging trailer dweller I’m MENSA, retired executive of 4 national companies (3 C level positions) and a wealthy retired white guy. In other words your worst nightmare and I’m loving that it pisses your off!!!!

  12. @OJS, @all, “I do not watch anti-American creeps playing soccer.” SInce when is wanting equal pay anti-American? Rapinoe is anti-Trump not anti-America. If she were anti-American she’d play for Russia. That’s one of the problems with many republicans and the Republican Party. They equate opposing what Trump is doing to our country with being anti-American. In fact it is the Trump supporters who are being anti-American when they stay silent or even support Trump’s false, racist, xenophobic, undemocratic policies and statements that fly in the face of the principles and values upon which the nation was founded. When they are adhered to, it is those principles and values that made and keep America great. We don’t need a demagogue. The president acts like we’d be better off if the United States operated more like Hungary, Russia, China or some of the other countries where the dictators he praises come from.

    B/t/w I cheered when football players respectfully took a knee during the anthem to bring attention to social injustice that has gone on for far too long. The problem others had was not that the protest disrespected the flag or anthem (it clearly didn’t). IMO the protest was offensive to many because it challenged long standing and continuing complacency with and in some cases support for the injustices being protested.

  13. (slow clap) – this is what a proper discussion looks like, not “all lib’uls are socialist commies!!!”

    It’s clear that some posters here appear, ahem, “threatened” by Rapinoe…she is far stronger than they will ever be.

  14. @john

    The wage gap as you suggest is a lie. Check out the Forbes article from March.

    “The Women’s World Cup brought in almost $73 million, of which the players got 13%. The 2010 men’s World Cup in South Africa made almost $4 billion, of which 9% went to the players”

    It’s the MEN who are underpaid (or women are overpaid). The problem for the women is that they are sharing a tiny personal pizza. The men are sharing one of those jumbo pizzas that requires 2 plates for a slice.

    Any by the way, thank god we have a President who is putting American first for once.

  15. @ Brian, The World Cup concluded in July not March. I did not say what the US women should be paid. I said wanting equal pay was not anti-American. The question of equal pay is complicated and being decided in the courts with more info than is publicly available. Since the US women have won the World Cup four times and Olympics a time or two, they probably deserve more money than the men. In any event, the point is wanting equal pay is as American as apple pie.

    Let’s get real. MAGA translates to MAWA, and America first turns out to be America alone.

  16. @John. I am a big football fan, and I was basically ignoring Kaepernick and his antics. However, one morning I woke up early to watch the London game in Sunday September 24, 2017, and the whole team went on one knee for the Star-Spangled Banner and stood up for God Save the Queen. It was really hard to get that image out of my mind. Then to compound the issue, almost every team did something similar. ESPN (which I do not watch any more) kept on lecturing about how patriotic it was to disrespect the American flag. Sports is something that should unite everyone in the country. Something has to hold the country together. This is not North Korea or Stalin’s Soviet Union, and nobody can force me to watch sports. So I stopped watching football in 2017. In 2018, I took in one game. Did not see any anti-Americanism. Then another. So I am back to being a football fan, although I am pretty sure most people that play football hate people like me, because I am a conservative.

    I really have a hard time getting the image of the women soccer team throwing the American flag on the floor and trampling on it (well just a little). I cannot support that. Respect the flag, and on your private time complain about Trump’s policies, that is fine. But using the platform of your sport to trash the American flag is divisive and not “ok”.

    We still hear about what a talent Kaepernick was. Yea, I was so impressed with his play in the Superbowl against New England, that I put him on my fantasy football team more than once. True, he has world class arm and can run with the best of them. The problem is, he was too lazy to learn how to read a defense. Further, every year he got worse at reading defenses after that Superbowl year. In fact, coaches lost their jobs because they could not get Kaepernick to read a defense. He should at best be a 2nd or 3rd stringer now. People like that do not play NFL football (well maybe if he could play on special teams). In case you think this is a Black vs. White thing, in my opinion, Warren Moon, Doug Williams, Steve McNair, Cam Newton, and Russel Wilson are all great QBs that can read defenses. I am hoping to pick up Cam Newton in my Fantasy Football leagues this year. Russel Wilson is a sure Hall of Famer. I would put Cam Newton in too, but not sure if he can stay healthy enough to have Hall of Fame statistics. But he is amazing.

  17. @john

    Those numbers were from previous World Cups because current data has not been released. It’s unlikely the revenue disparity between men & women has shifted more than a few percent.

    Aside from bonuses according to their contract, winning has nothing to do with how much they earn or “should” earn. Pay is based on revenue. It has nothing to do with feelings or gender or fairness. At the end of the day, people just don’t care much about the USWNT aside from a few weeks every 4 years.

    Also, let’s be serious. The women would get absolutely smoked by the men’s team. In 2017, the women’s team lost to an under-15 boys team in Dallas. 14 year olds! Score was 5-2. Sad!

  18. @OJS it is not the responsibility of sports to unite the country. That’s the president’s job. Except Trump knows dividing the country works for him and republicans.

    @Brian, I should correct something. America first turns out to be Trump first and America alone. Trump just cannot bring himself to call out Russian past, present and future interference in our elections, the most fundamental part of our democracy. He is shameful. At Helsinki it looked like the poor man had a chicken bone stuck in his throat when he was asked about confronting Putin. Wouldn’t want to jeopardize Trump Tower Moscow afterall.

  19. @john

    Well this has gone away from sports but I feel compelled to respond. Trump has slapped more sanctions on Russia than our recent Presidents. He’s been pro-energy and we are now the number one energy producing country in the world. Think Russia likes that? In addition, he’s been pressuring Europe/Germany to get away from Russia energy products. This month, for the first time ever, Ukraine has started buying US crude. Think Russia likes that? The mainstream media is lying to you.

  20. @John. Trump is trying to unite us. The Democratic party along with the mainstream media (which increasingly is an arm of the Democratic party) is fanning up racial tensions to obtain votes. Kanye West accused of being a “coon” and a “race traitor” because he is wearing a MAGA hat. What do you think that is about? Minorities supporting Trump are called every name in the book. It is a warning not to vote Republican, ever.

    I am going to un-pause The Equalizer. My kind of movie. Black guy takes out the Russian mob single handed. I am at the scene in the home improvement store. Love it.

  21. Loving this! Making popcorn now…
    If anyone is a “mouth-breather” it’s libtard filth.

  22. Hey right wing extremists – your president is a racist. Case closed. Yesterday’s rabid tweetstorm ended any debate (even though most sane people have acknowledged it for a while).

    Stay Proud (Boys).

  23. And OJS – congrats on thinking black quarterbacks are A-OK! And congrats for liking The Equalizer (and unnecessary highlighting of a “black guy” taking out the mob – methinks you are compensating for something, like racists saying “but some of my best friends are black!”).

    Doesn’t excuse you supporting an open racist who sadly ended up as the leader of the US. Stay proud of yourself.

  24. @UA-NYC. As I said before: Just admit how much you hate the country. Bath in the hate. Let it all come out. You do not want to bottle it up, building up pressure, and then erupting. As I mentioned before, Iron Man 3 showed us that exploding people are dangerous. I live in New York and do not want to be near an exploding person. Also, I don’t want you to join ANTIFA and take out your hatred by beating up old men or Asian reporters like Andy Ngo.

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