This Dog Flew Singapore Airlines Business Class On Its Birthday

A dog flew Singapore Airlines business class from Sydney to Europe via Singapore. The ex-racing greyhound Lewis “is a graduate of Melbourne-based Greyt Greys Rescue” and his owner moved to Italy. She got permission from the Australian government to leave. And since so few others do, her Singapore Airlines flights were almost empty.

Seated in the first row of business class, the dog even had a birthday celebration inflight – complete with treats and cake.

One of our graduate snoots, Lewis, has started a new chapter in his life. He and his mum, moved to Italy last weekend.

Amazingly, Lewis was able to fly in the cabin with her. Lewis’s mum saved up big, for a Business Class flight with Singapore Airlines. They let Lewis fly in the cabin, as the flight was almost empty.

Lewis made himself at home and was fine for the flights! No crying and no accidents. The flight crew said he was the best dog they’ve EVER had including fully trained service dogs. Lewis celebrated his birthday on the plane and was totally spoiled by the staff.

The first widely-publicized ’emotional support animal’ was probably the pig who flew cross country in US Airways first class 21 years ago. However there’s no disability claim here. And the cabin wasn’t fully bought out to act as a zoo for falcons. At least this woman’s best friend gave the full complement of Singapore Airlines crew something to do and someone to fawn over for the flight, sorely lacking on most long hauls out of the once-and-future Australian Covid-era penal colony.

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  1. I will throw a fit if I hear that the pooch put its paws up on the bulkhead.

    I’ll be all “do you do that at home?”

  2. @jfhscott that is why you are just a keyboard warrior in your mother’s basement. I can guarantee you that he is cleaner than you can ever be in your life.

  3. If there’s ever anyone ill positioned to lecture the rest of us on the carbon emissions of air travel…

  4. Sweet and good for him and his human friend. But I bet all the people who aren’t able to get out of Australia aren’t so happy to see a dog made it.

  5. @drrichard exactly!! We are more concerned about others and become unhappy when someone else is happy. No one understands the stress that person has to go through moving countries in the middle of pandemic and getting a little joy when their best friend is “allowed” to travel with them in the cabin. Again we are backwards where we do not allow dogs and cats to travel with us unlike other countries like USA. We have lot of snowflakes in this country and would jump on allergies etc. to not have few people their happiness as they are unhappy about others happiness.

  6. There was a German Shepard on my Avianca J 787 flight from Santiago to Bogota in 2019, she was a sweetheart.

  7. Not trying to be snarly, but how do you fly with large dogs these days?
    Emotional support is no longer allowed
    Pets not allowed in cargo.
    Can you fly if you buy the. Their own seat?
    Gary, maybe some updates or insights on this?

  8. We are wanting to travel from perth to France or uk with Singapore airlines they have said our daughters emotional support dog can fly cabin with her. However the vets here and others keep saying no. They have got us so scared now tht we are thinking of sending her instead. My daughter will be devastated. Can anybody help on how to do it.

  9. Hi Donna,

    My dog, ESA, flew some years back to Singapore.
    Here is the thing, you have to send as baggage the crate of the dog.
    When u arrive in Singapore, you do immigration and then u head to the cargo consignment (at the left of where u pick the suitcases near the place where they leave non-picked baggage).
    U put the dog in the crate, u go there, u give all the paperwork, and leave the dog with the crate there. The pet will stay one day in a special area near the airport (u can get a taxi to go there) and u can walk him and so, the day later in the morning they will transfer the pet to the quarantine center. U can go visit him after that, the quarantine center is quite far from downtown

    ESA or not ESA, the dog will have to go thru quarantine for 30 days… that will be hard, but u can visit him every single day and they really take good care of the pet. U can walk it and so on during visitation hours.
    The dog has to travel with an 18y+ person, this is not something a child can do on his own, but it’s definitively doable and I did it with mine with no issue.
    Fun fact, it was the very first time the immigration officer saw a dog there.

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