This Is What Noise Cancelling Headphones Are For

News notes from around the interweb:

  • Centurion lounges will start using optional facial recognition technology for admittance which doesn’t eliminate the paper though since you still need a same day departing boarding pass for entry.

  • Epic thread this is what noise cancelling headphones are for.

  • Flybe got a government bailout in the U.K.

  • Hilton’s California Consumer Privacy Act disclosure seemed to suggest that they might track guest activity when logging in through hotel wifi – logging websites visited, search terms used, even passwords. Hilton tells me that they do not do this,

    Hilton does not access a guest’s device to review their emails or browser history. As is customary for any business or public WiFi service, Hilton does have the ability to access the site visited, but this is not currently logged. This information is important for operational and security reasons. We do not track searches or web browsing away from, nor do we collect passwords, emails or data downloaded by guests when staying at a Hilton property.

  • United is giving Global Services members a wireless charger which seems weak to me.

  • Soft bigotry of low expectations, American vs. Delta edition.

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  1. Noise-canceling headphones will do little to help that situation. In fact, you’d likely perceive her to be even louder since all the engine noise would be gone! The only solution would be ear plugs.

  2. >Soft bigotry of low expectations, American vs. Delta edition
    Well, of course it would have to be from you @Gary v. AA.. I thought it was funny.
    That said the whole fuel dumping thing was pure media hubris… Jesus it’s only Jet A — parafin. It ain’t exactly Agent Orange.

  3. And on the noise cancelling headphones thing…Just be glad the industry resists inflight cellphone usage so we don’t have to suffer bellowing morons.
    However.. my favorite dislike is for wailers (small and infant children) in First Class and high-end clubs.I completely understand that traveling with a family is challenging, but those of us who paid a substantial premium for a better flight experience don’t enjoy having to share the joy of your new family with you.) Sorry to break that news to you.

  4. Gary, any willingness to change your tune about the AA shutdowns and how widespread the crisis is?

    As we’ve been saying all along, and you’ve been pushing back agains, it’s expansive, not at all limited to the “crime” of fake accounts, sold miles or mailers. Just getting a few cards is enough for American to give you the axe.

  5. @Red – it’s use of mailers though, generally where it doesn’t involve fake accounts it’s involved selling the codes (which are often sold after harvesting from fake accounts). I’m not saying in every case, I don’t know every case, just in every case that’s come to me … the story usually starts out innocent and then gets less so once questioned.

    I just haven’t found someone yet that was shut down without being involved in fake accounts, a sales transaction for the codes, or selling miles. If you know any legit victims I would love to hear it.

  6. I was thinking about getting a set of noise cancellers for long haul (12 hour), any recommendations? Prefferably something comfy enough to sleep in.

    “She has a little fire pit. It’s so cute.”

    Was thinking this was a new pitbull breed lol.

    “Took her to a shooting range. It was so great (sounding very mahgha).”

    What’s a mahgha?

    “Turns out one eighth Russian. Talks about 23 and me. (92% moron)”

    this due needs to add 1/8 to 0.92 and see what he gets….

  7. Agree on the noise cancelling headphones. They do NOT magically drown out conversations (or crying/screaming babies). In fact, if anything, seems to make it louder because it does drown out the noise from the engines/aircraft.

    I just had a lady blab the entire time behind me on Southwest from FLL flight (9:30 p.m. – midnight). Most folks were trying to sleep. I coped by two mimosas and The Boys on Amazon Prime, LOL!

  8. Gary,

    The only mailers I used were 9 digit codes that were addressed to other members of my household (wife and kids). I am locked with award travel booked during summer. Citi had 12 digit codes that did not allow for changes if they did not want applicants to be able to change the codes. They made a conscious choice to send out many more 9 digit codes than 12 digit codes.

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