Meat Loaf Is Suing The Hyatt Regency DFW For Ending His Career

Meat Loaf is suing the Hyatt Regency DFW airport, saying he hasn’t been able to perform since he broke his collarbone there – and had to spend 42 days in the hospital.

Last May the 72 year old ground meat dish participated in a question and answer session for the Texas Frightmare Weekend conference at the hotel. He fell off the stage, injuring “his neck, collarbone and shoulder.”

Of course the man who promised that he would do ‘anything for love except that‘ has a storied presence at DFW airport. When American Express opened its second Centurion lounge at the DFW airport his visage featured prominently. And when the lounge updated its artwork the artist formerly known as Michael Lee Aday continued to have a place there.

Mr. Loaf claims that Hyatt and the event’s promoter “failed to do their job to provide a safe environment.”

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  1. Hyatt and the event promoter were supposed to provide Meatloaf with a venue and promote/foster attendance at the event. Not sure if safety was explicitly mentioned in their contract, but surely Mr. Loaf would agree that Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad.

  2. Mr Loaf was offered a free breakfast and a 25 dollar Hyatt gift card but apparently that wasn’t enough 😉
    Ouch falls are really a big issue for all folks but especially for those over 50

  3. It appears as though he either slipped or tripped on something, could have been anything from liquid spilled on floor to wires, objects or even the curtains…I wouldn’t rule anything out, and yes, folks over a certain age are more likely to be injured from slips and falls and even though he’s a celebrity, he should still be afforded the same care and ability to sue for injuries as anyone else injured through no fault of their own. Name jokes aside, the guy’s been around a long time and if this stopped him from continuing his speaking engagements, he is probably due compensation if they’re at fault. I didn’t think it looked fake at all and I think you could come up with a less laughable injury if you were planning a stunt, he’s got movie experience.

  4. Jokes aside, what we have here is an old guy who fell off a stage, injuring himself badly enough to be unable to work. It looks like a classic negligence claim to me. This ABC News story says Meatloaf alleges the defendants hung curtains at the back edge of the stage that hid where the stage ended, creating a “hidden hazard.” That’s a question of fact that will have to be decided.

  5. I’m waiting for the outcome with great antici……………………………………………..pation!

  6. he probably put down some hair gel and when a girl tried to clean it up he told her, “Let me slip on it…baby, baby, let me slip on it..”

  7. Spouting tonnes of crap about not believing in climate change has probably done more harm than falling off a stage. Yes, I see the hypocrisy in my own statement, given that I fly a lot

  8. When Marvin said he didn’t like your stage, you knew he was a no-good kid…

    When he threatened your life and tried to legalize,

    what a guy
    makes you cry
    und I deed.

  9. These replies are perfect examples of the society we live in where people are ready to come to a conclusion to discredit another, always pointing a finger at someone else usually because they are hiding behind the Internet’s anonymity where have no literary background to back up what they are referring to. They go along with the crowd and boost their own egos. Gary Leff  inciting the responses by saying  the “72 year old ground meat dish ” and most everyone jumped on the belief that Meat Loaf is taking advantage of the situation because of his fall by making comments and puns in poor taste. Shame on Gary Leff, his negative statements in his attack article are totally uncalled for.

  10. Had some good music in the 80s but the man is 72 years old!! Hopefully he is financially set where he doesn’t have to work. If not sad situation and pretty much think his 15 minutes of fame are up. As for suit – if ever gets to judgement will be interesting how contributory negligence factors in. No way an old Codger that falls off a stage Is totally blameless

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