This Passenger Is About To Be Banned By Delta Air Lines For Refusing To Wear A Mask

On Delta’s Cancun – New York JFK flight DL787 on Friday, the man sitting in 31D kept asking for help from a flight attendant. Delta has been blocking middle seats, but the man seated nearest him in 31F kept removing his face mask.

This man “wasn’t eating or drinking” according to his seat opponent who wrote in about the July 31 flight. He had a mask – it was necessary to board – but it was hanging down below his face. A flight attendant asked him to put the mask on at the beginning of the flight. Reportedly he did – until the flight attendant left. Two more times during the flight he was apparently asked by a crewmember to don his mask, and he’d comply until he was no longer being watched.

His seat neighbor “used the call button toward the end of the flight..asked a[ flight attendant] for a headset in hopes she’d see another mask violation but she didn’t notice it.” Or at least she decided to ignore it, since the man had already been admonished several times. The other passenger, who had previously reported him, went to the galley at the back of the aircraft to “firmly request that they flag this guy” for disregarding procedures to keep other passengers safe.

He was seated in the back of the plane for the rest of the flight, to avoid a conflict with the maskless man, and a crewmember “admonished this guy again.” A flight attendant “assured..they will write him up” after four fruitless requests for him to wear his mask.

Airlines aren’t going to divert over a mask, and they try to stay non-confrontational. That does little good for the passengers around the person who will not wear them. The only thing they have, then, with a recalcitrant passenger is to follow through on the threat of a ban, and to publicize those bans as a deterrent effect on others. (Even that is limited in value since most people traveling today are infrequent flyers who normally fly less than once a year.)

I introduce you to the passenger from 31F, then, because he’s likely next to be banned from Delta. While American Airlines tells employees it usually takes multiple violations before a passenger is actually banned, as of a week ago Delta had already banned 120 passengers for violating the airline’s mask rule with the ban expected to remain in place until the mask requirement is lifted.

Most of those cannot possibly have violated the airline’s mask rule multiple times, so if Delta’s reported number is true they’re willing to impose the ban based on a single flight writeup.

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  1. How do you drink your drink with the cap on? Let’s stop giving people a pass on being irresponsible.

  2. Like individuals protested the use of seatbelts, but they saved lives and now mandatory in all states.
    Point: there are always some against whatever.

    As soon as we can get people to understand wearing a mask we will work on Them to using “turn signals”.

  3. Nobody noticed the guy in front of him( row 30 window) He is not wearing the Mask at all!
    Ignorant people are dime in dozen.
    Thanks to this mentality Millions will die.

  4. In response to J Meoff (I caught that name) 30A IS wearing a mask, zoom in on the pict. The band’s are dark in color, but clearly visible

  5. @jaquemeoff
    Look closely…row 30 is wearing a mask….I’ll leave it at that I have a few more choice words to say but…

  6. Sa1 he had the mask off the whole time, not just to drink. Plus the cap is ON and he’s not actually holding it and drinking! Did you read it or just look at the photo ? You drink fast and put it back on. It’s not enjoy your drink time. I believe you’re making an excuse because you don’t wear a mask.

  7. @Jaque Meoff
    Yes he is. It’s a black mask so you’ve got to squint but the other gentleman is wearing one.

  8. Response to Jacque Meoff the gentleman across the aisle IS wearing a mask. If you enlarge the picture you can see the black ring around his ear! It blends in so it’s hard to see!

  9. OMG getting people banned from flying for not wearing something that the CDC itself says does not protect you is beyond orwellian. All of you people need to wake up.

  10. Show me the pic of Fauci around strangers not wearing a mask. He was outside where it’s safer and with his family only, right ? No strangers within 10 feet!?

    The seatbelt argument is played out. Not wearing a seatbelt doesn’t kill OTHER people. It’s a ridiculous analogy.

    And stop using the CDC doesn’t require it when they do. They made major mistakes along the way, but rather than focus on the latest info, you choose to focus on what allows you to go out and get your kicks. Becauae info can’t possibly change in time as more info is learned. Frankly I knew the CDC, surgeon general and WHO were wrong in March and wore a mask since. It didn’t seem logical what they were saying then. I trust common sense and I trust science.

    You’re telling us to not narc out the non mask wearers ? Not. A. Chance.

  11. Jaque Meoff, u think your username is so funny but it’s just class-less. There is no way you don’t see that a darker skinned man is wearing a dark strap mask that blends in but is still clearly there. You’re just trying to start something. The non mask wearers with their 2nd grade mentality always try to point fingers at an alleged non wearer which even if it was true changes nothing.

    And Karen’s are the jerks who won’t wear a mask not those that call people out.

  12. @Dominique it’s a hilarious name, if you’re too grumpy to see it, you might have a stick up your rear that can be removed by a medical professional

  13. Throw the sob out at 36,000 ft. And let the bastard think about it before the sudden stop.

  14. @Dominique, Fauci was with a friend of his on his (Fauci’s) right and his wife on his left. So no, not just family. But hey that doesn’t fit your narrative so you say whatever you want. I don’t care. You and people like you are mask Nazis and narcs. When I have a flight attendant try to write me up for pulling my mask down for a grand total of 20 seconds or so to rub my nose because a fiber inside my mask made my nose itch, you people are mask Nazis and narcs.

  15. That’s ridiculous. That’s not strangers that’s a friend and his wife that made the choice to be close. No strangers were put in danger. What a way to take things out of context.

    Don’t pretend to be a victim here. No one got in trouble for 20 seconds of not wearing to scratch their nose. Just don’t yack yack while you do it. The article clearly states he didn’t wear it the whole time. He only wore it to board.

  16. Dominque I did, you ass. I was alone in my row of three seats,, we had been sitting on the ground waiting out a thunderstorm with the ramp closed and the flight attendant came by doing a walkthough to ensure everyone was okay. I lowered my mask just as he was walking by and he stopped and said, “I need you to put your mask back over your nose.” I looked at him and said, “I was rubbing my nose.” He moved on and next thing I knew the airline I flew called me because of a report he filed. So don’t say I’m pretending and say no one ever got in trouble for 20 seconds of not wearing a mask because I did.

  17. dodgerzfan1220
    While what you say is conceivable and without being there I can’t say anything with 100% certainty, the way in which you present yourself here; your defensiveness, disrespect, and especially your viewpoints on masks, I simply don’t trust you. I believe there is more to the story. Have a nice day 🙂

  18. Whether the maskless one is spewing Corona virus or TB I don’t want it. So the argument that wearing a mask does not influence the health of another in an enclosed space is meaningless. Perhaps masks cannot filter viruses (they are too small) but they do filter droplets containing the virus and they do filter bacteria, so wearing a mask for the limited period of time needed on a plane shows respect for others that the open faced passenger apparently does not have.The guy knew the rule, chose to fly and flaunted it. What does that say about him and his sense of privilege and disregard for others?

  19. The masks for not make sense anyways on an airplane. Think about it… you can take your mask off to eat and drink right? Boom still recirculating air so whats the difference? Oh yeah there isn’t. So wearing it on an airplane doesn’t keep you from getting coronovirus. When you drink and eat those pretzels your mask is off. And masks don’t work anyways. Been .proven over and over again.

  20. Clearly, it’s entitlement mentality in action.
    Hope he does get permanently banned. But he’ll probably get a crooked lawyer to file a racism lawsuit against the airline.

  21. So if masks work and you’re wearing a mask. What’s the problem? Does it matter of the person next to you isn’t. No. How about if you’re that afraid stay home.

  22. As the airlines alienate more and more people; no problem, the taxpayers will get to make more loans the airlines don’t have to pay back. The mask is not a disease control device. It is a mind control device. And here are the OSHA CO2 concentration limits. Science teacher measures CO2 level in his mask after 10 breaths, 10,000 PPM(parts per million).

    Masks are hazardous to your health:

    The effects of CO 2 on adults of good health can be summarized to:

    normal outdoor level: 350 – 450 ppm
    acceptable levels: < 600 ppm
    complaints of stiffness and odors: 600 – 1000 ppm
    ASHRAE and OSHA standards: 1000 ppm
    general drowsiness: 1000 – 2500 ppm
    adverse health effects may be expected: 2500 – 5000 ppm
    maximum allowed concentration within a 8 hour working period: 5000 – 10000 ppm
    maximum allowed concentration within a 15 minute working period: 30000 ppm

  23. Ok Heather (Karen)
    So you are partially right, but there is a big difference between taking a quick drink and a quick bite facing the back of the chair in front of you, and quickly putting the mask back on whilst not facing others and not talking, versus taking it off for half an hour to leisurely eat, drink and yack yack in every direction. It’s not about removing all risks since that’s impossible, but reducing them and that has already been noted so many times all over the place. Common sense.

  24. omg you guys talk like you didn’t even take basic science classes. Masks have been proven over and over again. No one said their perfect, but when all people wear them and distance, then there is significant protection. You simply believe what you want rather than science because it allows you in your mind to go and do as you please, at the expense of others. I would like to send you all back to school for some junior high level science classes.

    Also, it is clear to me from the style of argument that some of these seemingly different people on here are one and the same, simply posting as another name to appear that you have more people agreeing with you LOL.

  25. @Lew
    So you trust someone who says he is a “science” teacher, but not health officials and epidemiologists? And you call us “sheep”.? LOL!!! Or, are you just another brain-dead trumptroll?
    Try reading something sometimes. N95 masks are uncomfortable and a bit stifling, but they prevent the wearer from inhaling most viral droplets. People are only required to wear the less effective type that blocks most large viral droplets which are the ones most likely to carry the most infection.
    So, if the person next to you is NOT wearing any type of mask, then you should wear an N95 because that person is an a-hole.

  26. Wow, I caught that subtle racism about if he doesnt value your life and blah blah blah. Granted he should have worn the mask, however he chose not to and got reported by Kevin. There it is …simple

  27. 1-Create a designated seat, away from other RESPONSIBLE and CONSIDERATE passengers; 2-take their Flight Mugshot, for violating the safety requirements; 3- Ban from future reservations & flights.

    If I were flying with my child, I’d be HIGHLY annoyed at his childish behaviour!

  28. WileyDog you are so right. We could get away more with cloth masks if more people wore them, but since many don’t, we’re forced into the harder to breathe, harder to find N95 (unless you’re willing to shell out a ton to an N95 gouger).

  29. Europe, who are already over the curve and back to work, school and normal while all wearing masks, are largely betting against us because of the fatal level of ignorance that would cause a country to elect Donald Trump, the worst leader any country ever elected. I teach them about the rednecks I grew up around, who enforce gobsmacking ignorance with their guns, still nursing grudges over the civil war. Trump was their revenge, now leader of their death cult taking us all down with them.. Can you pick them out here? Not difficult. Treasonous, waddling bullies.

  30. Donald Duck syndrome. Get rid off the Orange clown in November to save this nation. Are u better off now than 4 years ago? If not, boot the con man squatters out of WH!

  31. @FTRUMP

    Thanks for outing yourself as the unhinged leftist sheeple. Do everyone a favor and don’t spawn. And stay home in your parents basement.

  32. These are infrequent flyers as mentioned, banning them for the next flight is not a deterrent. We have such a weak government, touchy-touchy feely, don’t want to confront, hurt anybody feelings… OMG. 1st Warning, 2nd Fine $200, 3rd Fine $500, and lets see how fast they comply.

  33. Oh get over it. Wear your mask and keep to yourself. Was he coughing and spitting sneezing on you? No. Why do you have to hate? Just be like Elsa and Let. It. Go.

  34. Heather Covington, just for the record, virtually NOTHING has been proven about Coronavirus at this point in the pandemic. Masks are the most sensible way to address what we do know about the spread of respiratory diseases. Private companies like airlines have the right to establish their safety rules just as hotels and restaurants. Nobody should have to be put in danger because someone else is unwilling to abide by those rules.

  35. Its life as we know it now. Clearly this man is self entitled in his mind. He “ feels healthy and is never a risk to anyone”.
    He clearly has no respect for rules, respect for others and being a nice guy. Some people never change. Imagine if these were “ normal times” with a full flight. I am 100% certain he would continue to “man spread as well”. He does not care about strangers. God bless Flight Attendants. Paying lip service to someone who may save your life is totally disrespectful. A few hours on a plane and he still cannot pitch in and be a nice guy. If he has a medical condition that prohibits him from masking? He should have spoke to the Gate Agent or Flight Attendants when he boarded the aircraft. No one wants your history report.. just the reason why you cannot/will not mask up. Super simple.

  36. Momdana commented on This Passenger Is About To Be Banned By Delta Air Lines For Refusing To Wear A Mask.

    in response to garyleff:

    “Oh get over it. Wear your mask and keep to yourself. Was he coughing and spitting sneezing on you? No. Why do you have to hate? Just be like Elsa and Let. It. Go.”

    Coughing and sneezing ? You still don’t get that talking alone is enough? You still don’t get that this monster is airborne, sometimes for hours ? And can reach up to 27 feet while airborne? That info has been out a while. By providing updated misinformation, you are potentially hurting people. Please try to stay on top of it, especially if posting. Thank you.

  37. Man you guys are a bunch of racist trash. All you guys see is a black person not following a rule in a picture and then based on a story from an overzealous Karen or Ken you guys are crusifing this Black man. You all have taken this weirdo’s statements as facts. What crazy person takes pictures of a person pulling a mask down, starts acting like the world is ending then tried to get the man banned flagged and maybe even arrested. If I’m wearing my mask and someone else is not what is there to be alerted about to the extent this crybaby was? Does the virus now seep into masks of the mask wearing good white people? I highly doubt it. Just say what it is and be done, a black man is not following the rules to a “T” and this is
    “our” or “my” good white country and plane you know those are the infamous words of white people it’s all theirs taxes, schools, pools, streets, neighborhoods, everything is magically theirs how dare this Black break a rule on our plane, let’s all get him banned based on racist views. Are all white people this miserable Im really serious when I ask this. Is the pressure to be white right all the time is the reason you crazies don’t mind your own business and forces you to act like society police? I mean you guys age so hard and fast looking like old pink rasins with sagging skin bald heads disrespectful kids that are school terrorist. let’s not forget this insatiable lust to act black,have black friends, tan skin to look black,dance black and use black lingo, and the most obvious the list for black male and females bodies. shouldn’t you be worried about those things? All you sad people have ZERO emotional intelligence so you behave and rant like the racist people you have always and will always be. Now that’s SAD and a lot worse the his mask being off. You people are disgusting.

  38. Well he is wearing it. Look in a store, no one wears them right. Look at Nadler, in DC. He never wears it right. This reminds me of USSR and Nazi germany where neighbors and children report on other neighbots and parents. All this over a seasonal flulike disease.

    I can give you 10 studies that say masks dont work or barely work , AND when they apoear to work in real life it is with hand washing and distancing…which aint happening in a plane. So if 70, dont fly. You are not protected.

  39. I will bet that you stuff their head in the toilet, flush it and give them a blue swirlie, then they will wear the mask.

  40. Simon’s comment is hypocritical….by making those comments shows you are also racist…to even use color to describe a person in itself is RACIST!!!!
    Any person who breaks a law or refuses to follow rules to protect other’s deserves retribution. All people should be held accountable for their actions…without rules we are no better than the snakes that crawl on the earth.

  41. I was on a united flight from washington national to chicago yesterday and complained about a woman nearby not wearing her mask . She was politely reminded by a air crew to use it and complied. Then she sore it and did not cover her nose. My complaint went no where. The airline stewardess didnt even get up to see. At the airport the customer service area at O’Hare I was told that the airline cant tell people what to do. I mentioned that I had to sign something that said I would cover my mouth and nose. Also there was a woman who took her mask off each time she was coughing. Which was several times. Not cool, United.

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