Transatlantic Business Class Roundtrips From Just 55,000 Miles [Roundup]

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  1. The Mask Era is behind us. Let’s not spend any more time and energy on it. Let’s move on.

  2. I agree with @ Reno Joe that is history. Governments and companies made mistakes in panic. Time to move on from the mask era.

  3. Yea I think most can agree that masks and lockdowns did much more harm than good. I think it’s time we all recognize this, admit our mistakes, and move forward never allowing people like that to have decision making abilities again.
    Happy Independence Day, America!

  4. “Yea I think most can agree that masks and lockdowns did much more harm than good.”

    No, Vijay, most can’t. Interesting that the one place masks are still prevalent is medical facilities. I guess the medical world just doesn’t understand how masks “do much more harm than good”.

    Party on, Garth.

  5. Can’t believe that people are out of their houses even now…. the plandemic hasn’t been declared officially over, but people don’t care about others… look how many cases are still happening every day.

  6. Lauren stay home forever if you want. There will always be hazards in the “real scary” world you live in, but don’t try to guilt those of us who are enjoying life.

    Sam medical professionals wear masks now and before because they work / treat sick people with a wide variety of maladies. Common sense. Please get a grip on reality.

  7. BEST BEFORE 6/29 Not Expired 6.29 everyone knows that before date is just a recommendation no where is there a LAW or Regulation that food has to be disposed of on the BEST BEFORE DATE. Karen knows that and she just wants a free trip.

    Best she is still using all her spices that are more than a year old in her own house. and Every good cook knows they are BEST before 1 year.

  8. @UnionTHIS: The FAA is not monitoring a first class medical EKG , “as it is given.”
    Heck, just try to get someone from FAA to return a call. I won’t even get into how many government workers are goofing off “working” at home.

  9. CMorgan-They wear masks at the eyeglass store.

    The reality I grip is that people don’t want to wear masks, be bothered with any of this or, and especially, be told what to do.

    As Jackie Gleason used to say “And away we go”.

  10. The masks most staff in medical facilities wear are ineffective against Covid-19 in all its varieties. The masks worn by those in surgery are effective. Why are most of the masks worn ineffective? Because the interstices between the fibers are larger than the virus, which passes easily. By observing the rules or recommendations of the CDC and FDA , medical facilities no doubt receive certain benefits, perhaps monetary.
    Masks that most of the general public wear are also ineffective against the virus. I leave the explanation of why people persist in wearing such masks to others.

  11. If masks are ineffective, why is Japan’s death rate from COVID 1/12 of that of the United States? They are still being universally worn there without government mandates. It’s true that they are also more vaccinated and boosted than people in this country but the rate of transmission and death rate has been a fraction of the US’s since the beginning. There’s no question that while they are far from perfect, N95 and KN95 masks provide a considerable level of protection to those who wear them properly. Until hundreds of people per day are not dying from this avoidable disease, I will wear a mask when indoors in public settings.

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