Travel Tech/Gear: Compact Power Strip Now a Standard on My Packing List

I get bombarded with requests from PR shops to try out products in the hopes that I’ll blog about them. Usually the products are useless. The less a product sells itself, the more it seems that companies hire outside flacks to sell them. Sometimes I’ll write back and agree to try whatever they’re offering, but they usually don’t warrant posting about — like the travel snuggie knockoff with a snapping pocket that comes with a hard and lumpy neck pillow and an inflatable seat cushion. Cute idea but not anything I’d ever travel with, even if confined to long-haul coach.

But here’s one I’ve appreciated, and have added to my standard electronics packing list, accompanying my pocket router, power adapters, etc: the Outlets To Go Power Strip (Available at for ~ $14.)

I hate that hotels, older hotels in particular, never seem to have enough power outlets. And the ones they do have are completely taken up by the lamps by the bedside. Or the lamp on the desk taking up the only outlet there. And between my laptop, cell phone, iPod, and wireless router I do have power needs. I’ve even considered carrying power strips along with me when I travel, but never did.

A perfect example of where it was useful is at the older Prince de Galles hotel this past week. Just plugged in an eletricity outlet adapter into the wall and then plugged in the power strip.

This item is small enough for travel, though, and designed for compactness. The power cord wraps right around the small power strip and plugs into itself. The outlets are well spaced so that they’re all usable, and it has a USB plug-in as well.

The only complaint everyone seems to have about this device is the bright blue indicator light showing the device is on. Yes, it’s too bright, but really didn’t bother me a bit.

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  1. I’ve been carrying one for 6 months now. I like the blue light in the plug that tells me that my adapter isn’t making contact anymore (more a problem in Europe than UK). It also helps out on planes where three across are sharing two outlets.

    It made me quite popular during a recent 3 hour delay at Dublin, with one outlet shared by several of us with laptops.

    Great product, highly recommended.

  2. Great Product.!

    You can get them at Frys too. There are 2 models.

    I use it with one of multiple a plug converter (from MOMA) for diff countries. Its perfect for everywhere.

    Theres also a circuit breaker built-in. The reset is a secret place and not obvious.

    I dont mind the blue light. Its a good indicator that you have power.

  3. I usually carry an even lighter six foot extension cord with three plugs, which can be had for a dollar at dollar stores, and under five dollars for a manufacturer that shows the UL certification. 🙂 Another big plus is that when traveling internationally, you only need one plug adapter in the hotel room for the extension cord.

  4. I have what I think is the same unit. If it’s like mine, it also has a USB charger port on it. It is really compact and travels well. I also like the blue light to let me know it’s working…

  5. It’s nice and I have one but I found traveling with a lightweight 6 foot extension cord which has multiple outlets is better, as it gives you the range to work,and just use your devices while relaxing in bed while they are charging.

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